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Stupid phone numbers!! =(


Aug 9, 2005
Hi everyone

So my husband and i moved here a year ago and never got a local number. which is really annoying I know but have been using our cellphones from WI since we have a great plan and aren't roaming.
We just moved into our first home and I called comcast to set up a new phone line since i wanted something I could use especially for PC.
So we set it up and i put the new # on EVERYTHING. I made a newsletter with the number, a new label with our new address and said to put it on their catalog or receipt, I made copies of the holiday under $10 w/ the # and a few other holiday things that I sent in a mass mailing to about 60 people.
Saturday the phone people came to set up service where we were leaving! So after about 40 minutes of customer service blahblah we had to reschedule. they called today and said they could come out tomorrow but I had to have a new number since they had given away the one they originally gave me.
I WASTED all this ink! And i have all this stuff out in the mail already!!! I just want to cry.



Legacy Member
May 6, 2005
I totally know how you feel! When we moved into our new house last August, I went through the SAME thing with AT&T (which had to arrange stuff through SBC since it was new phone service because we're in a new house), who totally screwed around with this. :mad: It took them at least three times to get it right. I have two phone lines and they totally screwed things up with my business line. Luckily I waited until everything was finalized before ordering business cards, etc because I just had a bad feeling. I wish I could have warned you!!!!! Well, maybe you can call that person and give them your correct number since they'd likely be getting some calls. What a bummer! I feel for you. :(


Thats a good idea Becky! Sonia, who knows maybe the person who got your # would be intersted in having a show too. Then if people call her/him, she/he can refer them to you and tell them you are an awesome consultant and that your # was changed but that she or he would be happy to give them your new #. Just call that person and explain the situation to them, that way they wont get annoyed if/when they start getting phone calls galore!