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Strange request from downline!


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Mar 21, 2006
I have never had this situation before and really don't know if we are allowed to do this-any advice is helpful:
I have a team member that really, really, doesn't want to recruit! Well, don't you know that from her 2nd show, she has a very serious lead! She wants to know if she can still submit the show, have the host sign up with me as her recruiter and still use the kit credit from her show?????? It makes sense to me that it doesn't matter who submitted the show, only the consultant number that goes on the agreement, but I want to be sure we aren't doing anything wrong! Thanks!


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Apr 12, 2005
It took me almost a full year before I wanted to recruit. Now I"m trying to make director. It's only her 2nd show she is probally still a little overwelmed. In the beginning for me I kept thinking that There was noooo way I could juggle home life, a second job and my own business let alone recruiting.

She may come around, but some poeple never want directorship.


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Dec 26, 2005
I know exactly how she feels. I am just finishing SS Month 3, and do not feel that I could spend the amount of time that a new recruit would need and deserve. I am just very fortunate that my director who recruited me, had the knowledge and time to give me sooooooo much help & encouragement. Her name is Barbara Lane, from Tulsa, Okla. She is a wonderful director.


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Apr 10, 2005
Have you told her?

Have you reminded her that as her Director, you will be responsible for training and mentoring her new recruit. That you will work hand in hand with her (your downline) to make sure that she begins learning how to train and mentor, but it is not her job. That it's not about throwing her to the wolves, but about building her business now for future leadership later.

When I promoted to Future, my first paycheck had an extra $100 on it. I would hate to see her later on regret the fact that she "gave away" a recruit.

Just a couple of thoughts. If she KNOWS that she is not the one responsible for training her recruit, it might make a difference!

Hope everything works out and ONE of you signs her!


Good point Nicole! I am in the process of building my team as well and I would love to have my members recruiting as well. Especially when they can get some extra bonuses like cookware in their SS months! What a way to build excitement! I have told them that if they get the leads I will help them with the interview and signing process as well as the training. Mine are all pretty new (one at 4 months and the others less than a month ) and haven't recruited yet but I would encourage them to be a mentor and friend rather than a trainer if they are not interested in that aspect.

Of course there are some people that really don't want to have anything to do with recruiting. Maybe it is a little scary as too much committment in their minds? So if she's still not interested then definately don't let a potential recruit miss out on the opportunity!

Good luck!



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Jun 27, 2005
The not having to train was the selling point for me. I can barely keep my own self in check. When I was told this, recruiting became easier and I now have 1 recruit and 2 possibles.


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Dec 1, 2005
If you are a director, the recruit will be in your first line anyway. It wouldn't be until the recruiter became a director that the recruit would actually become hers.


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Jan 21, 2005
I have a consultant in my down line who said that she absolutely did not want to recruit and would send all her leads to me.

I told her the advantages to both her and me if she kept her recruits and that I would still train them until she was ready to take over. I even said her team could continue to attend my meetings once she promotes (and she could help with those meetings). AND if she chooses she can refuse directorship when the time comes.

Well, her niece decided to join and when the recruit called she was SO excited and proud and immediately started to talk about getting the second recruit so she can be a Future Director. I couple weeks ago she called me even more excited and said "I'm gonna be a FD!" She had another lead! You never know.

Your consultant may think she doesn't want it now but she may resent it, and you, if she decides to recruit later. I would talk her into letting her friend sign with her and see what happens. The new recruit is still in your downline so you still get credit for her. - As a director she would be in your first line until the recruiter promotes, then she'd be in your second line but you'd still get the 3% override.

YOU WANT DEEP AND WIDE!! Lots of recruits recruiting.


Mar 10, 2005
I have to say that I am one of those consultants who do not want to recruit. I have told my director this, and she has pointed out the benefits of recruiting. I understand that I am missing out on a larger paycheck, and it's not that I don't want any recruits. I guess I just am uncomfortable with approaching other people about the opportunity. Maybe that will change with time, but for now, I wait for them to come to me.

I always start my shows by telling my story and inviting them to ask any questions. Also, I was approached by a lady at our State Fair booth last year about selling, and she came over for a question/answer session about the opportunity. In the end, she decided not to sell, but I certainly would have helped her if she decided to sell.