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Strange Product Adjustment Situation


Mar 31, 2009
A few weeks ago I submitted three product adjustments:
one for myself, online under my original consultant's (recruiter) number, for a DCB that I bought as a host; another for myself, via telephone under her number, for a pair of Salad Choppers bought as a guest; and another for a guest of mine, via telephone under a conultant that doesn't even sell anymore, for a cracked bar pan.
At the time of making the phone call to HO, I had yet to send back the piece of DCB, so I asked the nice lady if I could send all three items back in the same box. She told me that I could as long as I put all three return numbers on the outside of the package, which I did. I also wrote the return numbers for each item on pieces of paper and secured them on each item with a rubber band.
A couple of weeks ago, the guest's bar pan arrives. About a week or so later, my Salad Choppers arrive, but still no DCB. I called HO yesterday and they told me that they do not show receiving the piece of the broken DCB. I was also advised that this is the exact reason why it is not suggested to put more than one return item in a package.
I was put on hold and the lady came back to tell me that they would go ahead and ship a new DCB to me; however, this particular item would not have a warranty as they had no proof that I had ever actually returned the damaged one......I told her that was fine; I was just glad that they were going to honor the return since they apparently lost the broken piece that I had returned.
She did ask me if I still had the postage receipt from where I mailed the package. She said it should show the weight of the package and since I mailed all three items together, they could use the weight from the receipt to "prove" that I did in fact mail back the DCB. I had to kindly advise her that I didn't mail back the entire thing, only a piece....that would have cost a small fortune!