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Stoneware Spiel

Feb 27, 2005
I have a kitchen show tomorrow night and the hostess is unfamiliar with stoneware. A friend told me to do my whole "stoneware spiel". Well, I don't have one. I talk about the stoneware, but I guess I don't say enought about it. What's your "Stoneware Spiel"? Does anyone have a great one that they can post or email to me? Thanks. Dorothy


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May 6, 2005
I've done a whole workshop on stoneware (which has been much more successful than Open Houses for me) and I'll attach the little info sheet I passed out at this. Just study the Product Info Guides and Use and Care Cards too just to get familiar with all the big points about stoneware.


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Oct 7, 2005
Remember to tell your guests about the variety of foods that can be baked in/on PC stones. I've had customers tell me they'd never buy another stone b/c they only bake cookies once a year (Christmas) and it's too expensive to be used so little!! (They just about fell over when I told them all of the uses for our stoneware!) There are only 2 restrictions with the stones--no direct heat (on top of burners) and no broiling. Other than those 2 things, our stones can be used in place of any other piece of (oven/microwave) cookware. Also, you can do more than just one thing with your stones.. for example. The bundt pan is not only awesome for bundt cakes, but I read about others using it to roast a chicken! (putting veggies/potatoes in bottom, and seasoning accordingly). The mini baker is not only awesome for dips/spreads, rolls, etc, but you can heat it up in the oven, then put it in a basket and top with a festive towel; add warm rolls, and they'll stay warm throughout your dinner. Make a large chicken pot pie in the deep dish pie plate. If you have a small family, you can make use of the rectangular baker. Bake off 2 roasts side by side, portion accordingly and freeze for future meals. Make mini meatloaves in the mini-loaf pan, while baking off twice baked potatoes at the same time; nuke potatoes until almost done, halve, scoop insides out, mash and add whatever you want (butter, sour cream, cheese, seasonings, etc), use EAD to pipe mashed potatoes back into potato cups and bake off in muffin pan. So many people often limit its use to cookies and frozen pizza, but our stoneware is so versatile and practical to use!

Also, let your guests know that a nylon scraper comes with each piece of stoneware, and that if they are ordering a flat stone, they'll want to order a rack to go with it. Let them know how awesome the rack is too--it's not just for getting the food in/out of the oven. Once it's out, you flip the rack over and put the stone on top, making it easy to serve. (I love this--my husband and I frequently eat pizza while watching a movie and I can put the hot stone on top of a cold flipped rack right in front of us on the living room floor.. it's nice)

I also try to cross-sell the mini serving spatula with the stoneware, as they are perfect for getting brownies and pieces of cake or lasagna out of the pans, and for chicken strips, onion rings, or bagel pizzas on the flat stones.. They may not be a high-dollar product, but I'm more concerned about making my customers happy than upping my commission (plus, doing well with the former will naturally increase the latter anyhow). Good luck with your show--hope you do well!
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