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Stoneware seasoning

Mar 14, 2005
Hi everyone...I am a new consultant and have a question.

How do you properly season the classic round stone?

I made the Fiesta Sandwich Ring yesterday for lunch, seasoned it according to everything I had read, and the bread still stuck to the stone. It scraped off fine, and looks beautiful, but I am mad!

Please help! I have a request from my hubby to make another ring today for dinner!



Mar 26, 2005
Seasoning Stones

I haven't had a problem. I just sprayed mine with non-stick cooking spray about the first 5 times. Now I don't spray or anything any longer. When you say you did everything, what did you do?


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Feb 3, 2005
I also spray mine with Pam until the gritty feel is gone. That seems to work best. What did you do when you made the ring?


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Jan 21, 2005
seasoning the stone

The best way to quickly season a stone it to cook something high fat on it. On a flat stone do something with crescent rolls and on stones with sides cook up some ground beef. Use our kitchen spritzer or pour a little oil on the pan and spread it with the pastry brush (or a paper towel - but the towel will tear on a new stone so be careful). Don't use the commercial sprays on your stones and especially on cookware - they are the cause of that sticky, gummy feelling that you get! It's something in the chemicals they use. Plain oil is much healthier (and you get to use - or talk about- more of our products!