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Stones: Large vs. Classic

Nov 21, 2005
I had several customers ask me at my last show the difference in sizes between the large and the classic stone. Because I'm new and only have the large stone, I didn't know what to tell them but said that I'd check on it. What are the advantages of the large stone over the classic? Would a large pizza fit on the classic? And can all of the wreath/rings be made on the classic just as well as the large?

Thank you in advance!


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May 6, 2005
I always suggest to guests to get the bigger one (15" Large Round Stone) because these days some of those frozen pizzas you can buy are so big, that way you'd be sure to have enough room. I'd imagine the rings could be done on the smaller one, but they work on the bigger one too. The bigger one is nice if you're making cookies or rolls on them, you can fit more on there.

You can always make something smaller on the Large Round Stone and have some extra room on there. That's why I think having extra room is nicer than possibly running out of room on the smaller one. Hope that helps! :)


Sep 5, 2005
The Classic Round Stone is 13 inches in diameter while the Large Round Stone is 15 inches in diameter. Basically the large has an inch all around the classic.

I found that frozen pizzas are about 12 inches and fit better on the classic. I've made rings on both and they seem to fit the larger stone better. I did a wreath on the classic and the middle dough triangles got all tangled up - not a pretty sight but it still tasted good. I do my cookies on the large and can get a dozen or more on the stone at once for baking.

Despite the different sizes I love both stones. I wouldn't be able to pick a favorite.

Hope this helps.


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Oct 6, 2005
I always tell them to buy the bigger one. That way you always have more room if you need it. Don't forget to tell them it's for more than just pizza! They can use it for anything they would use a regular cookie sheet for. I just used my large round to make 8 dozen cookies (with the cookie press, of course!). Biscuits, cresent rolls, french fries, nuggets, etc..


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Jan 21, 2005
I truthfully tell them that I own both and only use the smaller one if I'm doing a lot of cooking and the other one is already in use. The larger one works for everything! I tell them that the classic stone is perfect for people with smaller ovens or if they want to use it in the microwave (it's the same size as the standard glass plate that comes in most microwaves) but if you are gooing to use it in a regular oven you might as well get the 15" stone so there won't be any doubt that it will work for whatever recipe you want.


Oct 18, 2005

I'd have them double check the size of their oven. While I have both sizes, only the classic fits in my oven. :(

If I forget to ask the host before-hand to measure her oven, I bring both stones to the show to be on the safe side, and just make the wreath/braid a little smaller (leave out a few croissant wedges, etc) if her oven can't handle the larger stone.

Hope this helps
Nov 27, 2005
Use a template

Here's something I do. I use butcher or construction paper to make template copies of of each round stone. Usually, if I say the stone is 13 inches, they still won't know if it will fit because a lot of people aren't good at visualizing dimensions. If you give them the paper template, you can tell them to take it home and see if it will fit in their oven. Then, they can call you and add it to their order before you close the show. This is a cheap and easy way to take the guesswork out of it, and you will have a satisfied customer!