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Stone storage question !!!


Jul 6, 2005
Iam moving my house sold in two days on the market ! I have to be out by December 19 th ! Great two kids in tow should be interesting !! Anyways my new house will not be ready untill January , so i took a week by week rental furnished until my house is ready , iam only bring a few stones with me the ones i use daily the others , mini fluted , muffin pan ect i will put in storage. I am in massachusetts it is cold up here will my stones be ok in below freezing weather ??? Will they crack ??? Should i be safe and pack all 18 with me ???


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Jun 14, 2005
I have frozen food in mine before, so I would assume that they would be ok. I suppose I would call HO before I tried to take them all with me, since they aren't so easy to store in small spaces.