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Pampered Chef: Stone Question

  1. I Have the Tools

    I Have the Tools Member

    I've baked on my stones for over 15 years and have never had this problem.
    A few people have told me that their cookies go to flat on the stone.

    The only thing I could think to suggest was to use parchment paper.

    Any other (better) ideas, or anyone experience this?

  2. scottcooks

    scottcooks Veteran Member Gold Member

    cookies flat means

    too much butter or too little flour in the recipe. Use the following (change contact info) and your friends and guests will love you!

    Attached Files:

    Feb 19, 2006
  3. ShanaSmith

    ShanaSmith Veteran Member Silver Member

    in addition to the ingredients not being right, if they are putting the dough on a hot stone, then your parchment paper suggestion will fix the problem.
    Feb 19, 2006
  4. I Have the Tools

    I Have the Tools Member

    I would love to have those tips, but for some reason my computer won't open any of those attachments anymore.
    When I first came to this site, I had no problem, but now it just won't open them.
    Thanks for your responses though.

  5. RachelNguyen

    RachelNguyen Guest

    Cookies sometimes flatten too much because butter has a low melting point and can melt before the dough sets. So you could suggest she try a combination of butter with crisco, which melts at a higher temp.

    Or, she might try refridgerating her dough for a little while to stiffen it up before baking.

    Putting dough on a hot stone can tend to melt the butter faster too, so parchment paper liners will help with that.

    All of this information, by the way, came out of the King Arthur Flour Baking Book... which is a GREAT cookbook!

    I have never had a problem using butter in my cookies on the stones. I cream the butter and sugar together first, then mix in the eggs and vanilla. Then add the dry ingredients. I use the small scoop to size them evenly and have found I can even scoop them onto hot stones without them flattening out too much.

    If I refridgerate the left over dough, I will nuke if for 10 seconds to loosen it up a tiny bit before scooping it out.

    Feb 20, 2006
  6. monica_sweetconsultant

    monica_sweetconsultant Advanced Member Silver Member

    when i first started coming to the board i also could open the files. but for the last couple months i havent been able to. i thought maybe it was the computer but when i got this new one and i still couldnt i knew something was wrong. anybody have any clues as to why this is happening?
  7. luvs2sellit

    luvs2sellit Advanced Member

    I have the same trouble too. Sometimes I can save it and then open it. I am not computer savy so it is probably something simple. Sometimes I can open it but it just shows the graphics and not the print.
    Feb 20, 2006
  8. fruit76loop

    fruit76loop Veteran Member Gold Member

    Open files by saving them...

    I have never been able to click on word documents and open them. So what I do is right click the link, click "save target as". Then save it to a temporary folder or in your pampered chef folder or where ever you might want it.

    This has saved not only my time, but those great consultants that have e-mailed me their flyers etc.!! :D
    Feb 20, 2006
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