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Starting over...

Sep 15, 2016
I started a PC business a few years ago after attending a party at one of my mother's friends house and then hosted my own show and signed up. I love the business and I love the products. I am a little on the quiet side and I feel like I need some pointers on how to be more outgoing at my shows. I had to move to FL for business and never could get clientele built up and did no business for over a year. Earlier this year I moved back to MS and I am starting from scratch as of today! Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I want to book at least 3 -5 shows a month...
Sep 16, 2016
This is a flyer that was shown in one of my PC groups. We are using it as a template for us to use in our neighborhoods. Hope this helps you get your name out there. :)


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Sep 5, 2007
Well, they always say start with a list.....friends/family/co-workers/neighbors. Also, participate in some local vendor events.