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Sales SS2....I'm GETTING IT....

Kelley Sells

Feb 2, 2006
Okay, so I missed the SS1 bonus stuff by like 200.00....I GOT the skillet though, Woo Hoo....BUT, I just finished my 2nd show of the month, last week I had a good sized show, and did my last one for the month tonight and I'm IN BABBBBYYYYY......I Can't WAIT......I WANT that USG and everything else, sooooo excited and wanted to share.....bookings you ask NO, but that is okay.....for now....LOL

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it, I'm about to lose control and I think I like it oh, yeaaahhhhhh:D


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Silver Member
Nov 3, 2005

That is so cool for you. You should scream, and be excited! Congrats, keep up the good work!:D :D


Advanced Member
Feb 25, 2006

Go Kelley! Its your Birthday! Your slice the veggies like its your birthday! lol

I just got my set this week.. awesome!! Have to say that I love the can opener!! lmao Ive needed a new one for YEARS! US&G is something I need to play with. Did an onion.. a little too thin for grilling but I'll play with it.

Ooo Ooo you go girl! lol


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Feb 15, 2006
Keep that excitement:D That's what will build your business! If people see you having fun with what you're doing, they'll want to do business with you!

Kelley Sells

Feb 2, 2006
Thank You Thank You Thank You

I LOVE the excitement.....I can't WAIT until this show is submitted....she is kinda dragging her feet, but THAT is okay......LOL....it ended up being a pretty good show for the amount of people there, 7 attendees AND there was 2 mother of the brides there, and I showed them the Wedding Registry....and they are buying stuff for them......:D

No shows for May though....hmpf.....gonna have to do SOMETHING about that.....

1st Fridays Phone sales are May 5th, I'll let ya all know how it goes....I have 5 pink boards and 2 basting bottles to put on so far.....LOL....not quite a qualified show......LOL

Well tonight is the Party Lites Party, so we'll see how THAT goes.....woo hoo, I love to party, I'm gonna party like it's 1999..

Thanks for the support you guys.....love ya all!!!!!:p