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SS1 Start Month


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Oct 22, 2005
I have a recent host/potential recruit that is having surgery at the end of February with a two week recovery time. She doesn't want to join now cause she could never make SS1. Could she take the host credit now and not sign the papers until early March so that her SS#1 month would be April?

She really wants the cookware and I'm trying to say that she can earn it and get some free but she'll miss the Family Skillet if she does it this way but I want to submit the show soon. Any thoughts on how to help her?



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Feb 2, 2005
she can set her starter month whenever she wants. If she wants to set it up as March or even April that is okay. If she picks March anything she sells in February will count on her SS1, I think. Her show has to be submitted before she can use her kit credit on her committment form.


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Sep 13, 2005
Host credit

Your host can take the $20 or $40 host kit credit and sign up months from now! So, if she wants to wait for April to be her SS month 1 then she can! I had a host who took the credit in July and didn't have her first SS month until November! You always want your future team members to start when it is ideal for them!! :D