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Sep 7, 2005
Well it's hard to believe that two months ago I was totally conptemplating starting up my PC business! I am finishing up the last of my shows for DEC. and will have reached the $2k sell a thon level and my ss2 bonus pack (and possibly my plus bonus if I can convince mom to do some PC shopping for x=ms :O)) !

My 2nd month has been great but not quite as well as my ss1! Where I did $2800 sales total. I had a total of 13 shows so far in 1.5 months time period and am looking forward to 3 in the books for Jan. (my ss3) 1 in Feb. and 1 in March with 8 maybe's (after the holidays) I need to turn into "Heck Yeah I want to Book" as soon as the New Year Hits us!

Any words of advice on how to approach those "maybes" to turn them into "Yes" I want to book? :confused:

Thanks and Just Had To Share My Success To you wonderful people!


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May 6, 2005
You are ON FIRE! That is so awesome. And you already have a great start to a booked calendar in 2006. It is hard to believe you almost didn't become a consultant. Aren't you glad you did??? You've already received some amazing rewards! There are many more to come next year. Keep up the GREAT work!!! :D :D

Anna Maria


Congrats!! How did you do so well? How did you get the parties so fast? I just started, I have a party in Jan and one in Feb. I had a book party but it didn't go well. I believe the hostess gave up. Who did you ask? I have three party for the spring.
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