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SS Bonuses

Sep 20, 2005
here's the deal:
My ss1 bonus arrives today, but not until sometime between 5-7
My cousin-in-law's girlfriend (sarah) is spending the night b/c she is pregnant, he went out of town, she is due this month, and she lost her grandpa last night
I don't remember what comes in the bonus and I don't know where to find out
I really want to try out the new stuff and have the ingredients ready before it gets here so dinner can be cooking before Sarah gets here
I also would like to know what is in the other packages so I know what not to order on my own
If someone could please help me out with this I would greatly appreciate it.
Also, I kind of need to improvise on some of my recipes now because half of my PC stuff is packed from moving and my lovely husband doesn't remember where he packed it...it has been killing me...I finally found some of it, but I am still missing important stuff like the most important item: The Food Chopper....I'm so mad!!!!!!!! :mad:

Thanks in advance for all of your help!!!!!!


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Mar 29, 2005
I found it under CC under Downloads. There's a couple things there for super starters but I've attached it for you!
Sorry to hear of your friend's loss especially right before she is due. :( It's nice that you are trying to make it a special night for her. Good Luck!


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