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Spring Fling


Gold Member
Nov 9, 2005
I have decided to do a Spring Fling product preview (sorta open house type) next Thursday the 16th. I was wondering if anyone had a flyer made up yet that has the new products for the Spring/Summer on them? I have been searching this site, but found not as of yet. Any help would totally be appreciated! Thanks in advance!!
Nov 1, 2005
Its not very hard to do

this one took me about 5 Mins to do you can customize it to what you want.

You cant always rely on everyone else to do it for you. I know its easier but its

also easier to just make one up yourself.

Anyone is more then welcome to use mine I dont mind LOL



  • Spring Fling Open House.doc
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Jun 20, 2005
Here's the one I used. I printed them on Card Stock 2 to a page and front to back that way I could just hand them out. I carried them around with me in my purse and give them to everyone. I used old invites and printed labels to cover the front of the invites and mailed them out. It just said that I was having a Spring Mystery Host show and there would be GREAT FOOD, LOADS OF PRIZES, and tons of ways to earn EXTRA TICKETS! and of course it gave the date time and location. I prefer to type that up instead of handwriting it. I believe it looks more professional!



  • Mystery Host Show.doc
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