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Spring Fling Open House

Mar 8, 2006
Any ideas on how to handle an Open House. I have made a flyer stating I am going to raffle off the hostess benefits but how do I do that? Do I wait until the end of the open house? Is an order required to be in the raffle? Help!!


Oct 16, 2005
I just did one on sunday...a mystery host open house. I gave away tickets for the draw for various things...example: 1 ticket for a RSVP, 2 tickets for bringing a outside order, 4 for placing a order etc etc. I did my draw after everyone left cause I was still waiting on a few more outside orders.
I didn't do a demo with mine though, just had the products out, some food and drinks and that was it...I'm already at a $600 show. I also did door prizes.
Good luck
Feb 2, 2006
im going to do one and i am inviting every house in my 200 house subdivision and all my hostess and family and friends. My last open house was almost 2 yrs ago and was a 900$ show