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Spetember Specials


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Apr 14, 2004
I was updating my PWS for July and found this in the news suggestions. Heads up!

20% Off Stoneware and Bakeware!

September only, get 20% off glazed and unglazed Stoneware and Metal Bakeware - 29 to choose from! There are no limits to how many pieces you can purchase - stock up with this discount!

Note: The September Guest Special is available through September Cooking Shows, Catalog Shows, Fundraiser Shows, Wedding Showers, individual orders and online orders. To qualify for the September Guest Special, Shows/orders must be held Sept. 1 - 30 and submitted to the Home Office no later than midnight CT on Oct.15, 2013. There is no limit to the number of Guest Special products that you can purchase.

The Pampered Chef is a registered trademark used under license.


60% Off Stoneware!

Get 60% off our popular Stoneware - glazed and unglazed - when you host a Show in September!

When guest sales are...

-$150-$649.99: Choose one piece FREE!

-$650 or more: Choose two pieces FREE!

And, hosts also enjoy...
-FREE products of their choice.
-Half-price and discounted products.
-10% discount for a year.
-FREE shipping on their order.

Contact me today to put your September Show on the calendar!

Note: The September Host Special is available to hosts of September Cooking Shows, Catalog Shows


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Sep 8, 2008
They haven't had this in awhile...nice to see it come back, but more importantly, the GUEST SPECIAL!

September Guest Special
20% off all glazed or unglazed Stoneware and metal bakeware – NO LIMITS ON NUMBER ORDERED!

They have never had the sale include the GLAZED items also (at least not that I can remember- it was only the host who could get that)! That's awesome.


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Jan 21, 2012
It's awesome that the guests can get the deep covered baker at 20% off! I've never seen that! Yeah Pampered Chef!


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Jan 1, 2011
Yes, I saw this on the consultant connection newsletter and am very excited. And, I noticed they show the round covered baker still in cranberry so no worries about changing the stoneware color AGAIN. Whew!