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Soon to be Consultant

Jul 8, 2017
I'm looking to start next month as a consultant. I'm becoming a consultant to earn a little extra money on the side, I do have a full time job so this will be part-time, flexing with my schedule. I would also like to be a virtual consultant rather than do in home parties.

My number one concern is moving beyond asking my friends and family to buy from me. I did recently have a party and several of my friends were offended that I added them to my Facebook group. Since I just had a party, I don't feel like I can have another launch party. I really don't want my friends to buy from me because they feel obligated and I don't want to strain our relationships. I'm really curious as to the best ways to grow beyond my immediate family/friends.

I thought about perhaps doing mailbox magnets or vendor shows? Any other ideas or suggestions? I appreciate any and all tips!
Jun 11, 2017
There is no rule that you have to do a launch party, or that you have to do it right away. You can do it when the time is right for you.

I'm sorry to hear that your friends were offended. That is uncomfortable, isn't it. I try to be clear that I am excited about Pampered Chef and want to share my joy, just like I would about a new house, new pet, etc. They are under no obligation.

Good luck.