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Soo glad I picked up the phone tonight!


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Oct 18, 2007
Lately (ok this year) I have been in a slump and have not been good about 3-2-1. Tonight was my only night without any plans or obligations, so I was torn between making calls and zoning out in front of the TV. So I compromised - watched Next Food Network Star and then told myself I'd just make OOB calls. Well, that led to me picking up my call list which I started in March and have updated sporadically. Here are my results:
- sending a catalog and brochure to a woman whose DD is marrying in October. She already knows of a thing or two she wants to order for her DD
- calling someone back at noon tomorrow to look at calendars
- calling someone back friday for a possible last minute july show (she wants the bowls)
- and then....someone called ME about coming to her huge picnic in September and doing a demo!

I'm very happy with myself and just had to share :D


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Dec 6, 2005
Woo hoo! Thanks for sharing. There's a reason they're always harping on us to make those calls. :)


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Mar 11, 2007
Way to go Susan. I have been feeling the same way as you lately. Yesterday on my lunch, I made 10 phone calls, mostly messages, however, I have two recruiting interviews for Thursday. :)