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Someone give me some ideas!

Sep 6, 2005
Today I went to the bank to make a deposit from a show I had this past weekend. Well, the teller noticed that my guest’s checks had Pampered Chef in the memo line of the check. She asked if I was a consultant and told me that she loves their beer bread and then asked for a catalog. I didn’t have one (I literally had about ten seconds to run in and deposit and leave) so I told her I would bring her one tomorrow. This is the first time a total stranger has approached me and inquired about the products. I really want/need some business out of this. Right now I’m running the following promotions –
November –
Book a show with more than 350 in sales and get your choice of the small bar pan or quick stir pitcher free
More than 500 in sales and get your choice of the med. Bar pan and another product (I can’t remember what it was off the top of my head)
More than 750 in sales and get your choice of the lg. bar pan or the food chopper free.

December – a free product for every day of the month (I made a calendar and whatever date the customer picks to host the show, they get the free item for that day.

I need to know what I should give her besides just a catalog – should I give her a small bag with some of the two step fudge or some cookies from the cookie press? I’m just not sure. I’m hoping I’ll get at least a catalog show and not just an individual order out of this.


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May 6, 2005
Definitely give her copies (or print off of CC) of the upcoming Monthly Host Specials. Do you have a flyer highlighting the ones of your own you just mentioned? Promote an "easy gift-giving idea" show or an "easy entertaining idea" show, which are perfect this time of year. Since she likes the beer bread, tell her the entertaining ideas show can include the beer bread and some dips like a "Sip and Dip" show. Or a Cookie Show! I wouldn't innundate her with too much info, but be sure she's aware of how the host program works and highlight the specials. If you have a website, definitely let her know about online ordering.

Hopefully you'll get something out of this!!


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Nov 25, 2004
Gifts to Go

You could do a gifts to go show. I do those only in December and I feature the double choc. swirl bread. There are very popular. I show gift ideas that are inexpensive for people who have to buy for many. The mini loaf stone and how to do bread and wrap up... makes as many loaves as you want. I show the batter bowl brownie with a bow. I also serve my guests hot cocoa with a candy cane stirer while they watch the demo. I have people re-book every December because these shows are so much fun!


On a side note, my first year with the business, I did the same thing you were doing... I gave away the cart! you don't have to give away a ton of product if you are sharing how the booking benefit, benefits both the current and future host. Offer small gifts if there is one or two specific dates to fill. If you offer gifts to every host, then they tell thier friends, and their friends want a gift to book too... you never get out of giving away a lot out of your pocket... let the company give the product away!