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(SOLD) Lot of PC 'trinkets' buttons, pens & pins, sticky notes & more!


Gold Member
Feb 5, 2009
This 'lot' of trinkets is a little treasure chest with consultant goodies. This will all fit into a small flat rate mailing box. I am asking 10 + shipping for this bundle of joy. View media item 1376 Included in this is:

3 Pampered Chef logo (chef's hat) ball point pens
1 Wahoo Recruiting Club Member Pen with neck lanyard
1 Pampered Chef pedometer (with new battery!)
2 pads + 1 holder of 'Have a Pampered Day' sticky notes
1 Pampered Chef (hat logo) with crystals key fob - never used
1 Pampered Chef (chicken logo) partial pad of sticky notes
2 pads of Feeding America Apple shaped sticky notes
1 pad generic chef sticky notes
3 HWC pins
10 assorted conference pins (around 2010-2011 time frame)
1 25th Anniversary logo'd bookmark (chef hat logo)
2 different 'I love what I do' pins
4 new SUPER STARTER lapel type pins
13 key charms (all new)
1 NIP Magic Kingdom charm holder
2 NIP 'This is your day Celebrate' charms (The old blue celebrate plate)
3 NIP Pampered Chef Charm holders
1 Smiley Face Charm Holder
1 Sizzlin Sales button
1 Pampered Chef 'spring into action' charm/zipper pull
1 Giant clip with logo, adhesive is unused on back of clip

Denise K

Novice Member
Jul 25, 2016
I might be interested in selling many of the items I purchased above. What is it that you are interested in? I kept the pens, the hook book mark and a few other items. Other than that, there wasn't much I really have use for. If I remember correctly, the chip clip was broken or didn't have a magnet. Most of the rest is still available. Let me know what you are interested in and I will come up with a price. I paid $10 plus shipping for all, so it will be less than that.