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soI Couldn't Find a Pantry List

In summary, you can use this list to order your pantry products. There is an order form at the bottom of the document.


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in all the files. (hope I didn't re-invent the wheel), but I made a Pantry Products list. I followed someone's advice on her and started a Pantry Club. Maybe having the list to share will spark interest....
I cannot get the word doc to upload...keep getting invalid file...never had that problem before. I've pasted what is in the word doc below incase anyone wants to use it.

Pantry Products Fall 2011
Join my Pampered Chef Pantry Club! Once members have purchased 9 pantry products the 10th is FREE!
I will keep track of your orders and let you know when you are ready to receive your free product.
Call me with your order. Learn more about these great products online at my website:
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9660 Dessert Sauce – Butterscotch Rum 10.00
9752 Dessert Sauce – Caramel 10.00
9754 Dessert Sauce – Cherry Almond 10.00
9613 Dessert Sauce – Chocolate Caramel 10.00
9662 Dessert Sauce – Chocolate Peanut Butter 10.00
9661 Dessert Sauce – Chocolate Peppermint 10.00
9753 Dessert Sauce – Chocolate Raspberry 10.00
9667 Dessert Sauce – Coconut Lime 10.00
9521 Sauce – Apricot Honey 12.00
9520 Sauce – Blackberry Balsamic 12.00
9701 Sauce – Chili Pepper 12.00
9808 Sauce – Ginger Wasabi 12.00
9 9618 Sauce – Mango Curry 12.00
9741 Sauce – Maple Honey Mustard 12.00
9702 Sauce – Raspberry Habanero 12.00
9807 Sauce – Spicy Pineapple 12.00
9665 Sauce – Sweet & Sour 12.00
9666 Sauce – Teriyaki with Honey 12.00
9797 Sauce – Thai Peanut 12.00
9751 Oil Dipping Seasoning –
Spinach & Smoky Red Pepper 7.00
9151 Canola Oil – Garlic-Infused 12.00
9620 Canola Oil – Orange-Infused 12.00
9621 Canola Oil – Rosemary-Infused 12.00
9627 Cherry Balsamic Vinegar 16.50
9805 Oil Dipping Seasoning – Parmesan-Garlic 7.00
9806 Oil Dipping Seasoning – Sun-Dried Tomato Herb 7.00
9755 Oil Dipping Seasoning – Lemon & Rosemary 7.00
9626 Pomegranate Balsamic Vinegar 16.50
9750 Rub – Buffalo 4.50
9664 Rub – Chili Lime 4.50
9880 Rub – Chipotle 4.50
9734 Rub – Citrus & Basil 4.50
9748 Rub – Creole 4.50
9736 Rub – Crushed Peppercorn & Garlic 4.50
9870 Rub – Greek 4.50
9694 Rub – Indian Mild Curry 4.50
9812 Rub – Jamaican Jerk 4.50
9704 Rub – Lemon Pepper 4.50
9693 Rub – Mole H 4.50
9995 Rub – Moroccan 4.50
9668 Rub – Smoky Applewood 4.50
9722 Rub – Smoky Barbecue 4.50
9703 Rub – Thai Red Curry 4.50
9713 Seasoning Mix – All-Purpose Dill 6.00
9860 Seasoning Mix – Asian 6.00
9719 Seasoning Mix – Italian 6.00
9733 Seasoning Mix – Rosemary Herb 6.00
9714 Seasoning Mix – Southwestern 6.00
9721 Beer Bread Mix 10.50
9712 Cinnamon – Korintje 6.00
9723 Cinnamon Plus® Spice Blend 6.00
9864 Coarse Sea & Himalayan Salt 6.00
9739 Double-Strength Madagascar Bourbon
Pure Vanilla Extract
(Available only in the 48 contiguous states.) 14.75
9745 Lemon Sprinkle 7.00
9865 Peppercorn Medley 7.00
9708 Sweet Apple Sprinkle 7.00
9819 Sweet Caramel Sprinkle 7.00
9062 Sweet Cinnamon Sprinkle 7.00
2384 1-2-3 Dip! Set (Pantry Tax) 18.50
2388 Bamboo Snack Set 45.00
2387 Decadent Dessert Sauces (Pantry Tax) 28.50
2383 Great Grilling! Seasoning &
Recipe Collection (Pantry Tax) 20.00
2382 Holiday Entertaining 42.50
2389 Pizza Party Set 59.50
2386 Sauce it Up (Pantry Tax) 35.00
2373 Sweeten It Up Set (Pantry Tax) 20.00
I made this up, kind of like a catalog.
You can edit it if you like

just got the wording from you!


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I love it! Just incase no one has told you lately...."You are Good!"
REALLY like this...but, the "l" in "chocolate caramel" is black instead of red, and I can't fix it! Too much to ask? Thanks!
]nope, hold on :)
I added the last page as an order form...if ya wanna use it or not

and Thanks Robyn!
I love doin things like this :)


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chellb1234 said:
]nope, hold on :)
I added the last page as an order form...if ya wanna use it or not

and Thanks Robyn!
I love doin things like this :)

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!!
LOVE the idea of a Pantry Club, and totally plan to steal it...just need to get that durn supply order with all my goodies in so I can start demo-ing them at shows! ☺ Thanks for all of your work, and for sharing with us!!
I just came across this. Its a great presentation!!!! Any chance you would be able to update this??? If so, is it possible to show it in word..I'm from Canada so our prices are different. If not, maybe I can try to tackle this update. I don't know how you got all of the pictures like that but I can try to muck around until I figure it out.
Re: Pantry Club List

Hello! Just came across this wonderful Pantry Club idea from you all...wondered if anyone had updated it recently? We just keep coming out with new pantry products and I need to jump on this band wagon of promoting them at my shows. I can't seem to edit the trifold here though...
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I was looking for an updated list to send to a customer. Did not find one so I updated and will add it here. I am sure once we know what is in the new catalog the list will need updated again.


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1. How do I access the "So I Couldn't Find a Pantry List" on the Pampered Chef website?

To access the "So I Couldn't Find a Pantry List" on the Pampered Chef website, simply go to the homepage and click on the "Recipes" tab. From there, you can scroll down to find the "So I Couldn't Find a Pantry List" link.

2. Can I customize the "So I Couldn't Find a Pantry List" to fit my specific pantry needs?

Yes, you can customize the "So I Couldn't Find a Pantry List" to fit your specific pantry needs. Simply click on the "Customize List" button on the recipe page and select the items you want to include or exclude from your list.

3. Is the "So I Couldn't Find a Pantry List" available in a printable format?

Yes, the "So I Couldn't Find a Pantry List" is available in a printable format. Simply click on the "Print" button on the recipe page to print out a copy of the list.

4. How often is the "So I Couldn't Find a Pantry List" updated?

The "So I Couldn't Find a Pantry List" is updated regularly to ensure that all ingredients and quantities are accurate. However, we recommend double checking the list against your own pantry before going shopping.

5. Can I save the "So I Couldn't Find a Pantry List" for future use?

Yes, you can save the "So I Couldn't Find a Pantry List" for future use. Simply click on the "Save List" button on the recipe page and the list will be saved to your account for easy access in the future.

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