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So what is it that we do


Jul 6, 2005
I received this email from my Director this morning , thought it was great and that I would share..So... What is it that you Do?
(Thanks to NSED Darla Oelmann for writing.)
Friends and family have probably asked you this. Did you have a quick informative answer, or did you stumble and stammer, trying to give a good description of your Pampered Chef business? You may have started out by saying "Have you ever heard of the" Pampered Chef" but what we are really doing is answering a question with another question. If they say no then we are still stumbling and stammering over our words again.

You probably never dreamed you would become a "salesperson" and don't want to be thought of that way either. And, heaven forbid that you are that "Home Party Lady"! However, we should not ever feel negative or embarrassed to be in sales. Selling is a service; you use sales everyday of your life. Nobody would ever buy anything if there weren't for someone "selling" something. If a product is made, it has to be sold. Selling is just transferring a feeling from you to them.

So, how can you explain to someone "what you do" and keep it sounding dignified? Below are some ideas you can use when asked, "What is it that you do?"

"I own my own business and am a consultant with an international sales company. (then) I represent a line of gourmet kitchen products for a multi-million dollar company"

"I am an independent consultant for an international company that markets professional quality kitchen tools for home use"

"I am a part-time (or free-lance) consultant for an international kitchenware company"

Refer to yourself as a "Teacher, Trainer, Consultant, Director" etc. When someone asks what you actually do, instead of saying "home parties" say that you "Provide people with personal consultations and training in the use of specialized gourmet cooking products"

We communicate to others how we feel about ourselves and our work through the words we use to describe our profession. Use terms and descriptions that convey high esteem and professionalism and others will get the message.
There will always be some people who will see you and your work as a low-status "vega-matic" gadget seller. Just sit back?grin all the way to the bank?and enjoy your 5-9 instead of 9-5 profession J (edited by Kim Cooper 9/05)


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May 18, 2005
Why not say "Pampered Chef?"

Hi Danielle,

Thank you for some words to use; however, I'm curious as to why one wouldn't say "Pampered Chef" instead of "high quality kitchen tools", or say both. I'm proud to be associated w/ PC, and I want people to know that rather than hide it. I generally say, "I'm a kitchen consultant with The Pampered Chef. I teach customers how to use quality kitchen tools to make meal preparation easier and more fun".

Just my 2 cents,


Jul 6, 2005
Hmm Iam not sure

It came form one of our NSED , so Iam not sure ! LOL ! I still liked what she had to say though ! :)


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Jan 6, 2005
I'm guessing its because you may have said in the beginning:
"Have you ever heard of /familiar with of Pampered Chef?
Thanks for sharing as I have a hard time sometimes with a response when people say "no" to the above..
Have a great day!


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Jan 21, 2005
What do I do? "I help people succeed in the kitchen" - that usually brings the question "Succeed at what?".

And the answer is
"Whatever you want it to mean.
Make money and earn free products, trips and jewelry.
Get a kitchen full of quality tools to help you prepare or serve meals for free and at deep discounts.
Get lots of tips on easy meal preparation or entertaining and the tools to do it at a great price*".

*Did you know that over 70% of our product line is under $15!.