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So NEW to this!


Advanced Member
Apr 18, 2006
My director said I am in the 1st Wave. My girlfriend who I want to go with is in the 2nd. Do we have to go to the "assigned" Wave?
I am totally confused on prices also.
We might drive to save $.
We are in Minnesota.
But just for laughs and giggles,
Airfare- $166.00
Hotel- $???.??
Conference price-???.??
Any info greatly appreciated!


Novice Member
Apr 10, 2006

I believe you do have to go with the wave you are assigned to. As far as the price for the conference goes it is $175.00 (could be less if you submitted 3 or more shows in January) There is an extra $25.00 fee if you choose to go on a home office tour. Hotel prices vary, I'm driving out from PA so I booked my hotel through AAA and got a great rate at a Best Western, it has an indoor pool and free parking which is really important if you're thinking of driving. I think we're paying $125.10 a night on the weeknights and $165.10 on the weekend. I hope this helps a little!

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Feb 15, 2006
As far as travel arrangements go, talk to your director; mine usually coordinates everyone who's going, helps get hotel room-mates etc. You are assigned conference wave by who your executive director is.
The advantage of staying at a conference hotel (Sheraton or Hilton) is that there is a shuttle that goes in between the hotel & McCormick (where conference is held). The price of the shuttle is included. That way you don't have to worry about driving, parking, or paying for a taxi. Last year we stayed at the Sheraton. We had 4 people in each room, the hotel split up the bills, and it was around $175 for 3 days.
As for the registration fees, you can also have it deducted in monthly installments out of you comission. You can set that up at CC.
Hope that helps:)


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Apr 18, 2006
Thank you for the form you sent to me. It was one I needed that my director talked about to switch conferences. I can't believe I am going!!!!
So excited! Now the only obsticle would be if my work will not let me have it off. They better!! Thanks again for the info everyone!