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So, It wasn't really MY fault... :)


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Sep 8, 2008
Ok..so some of you remember that last month I went to the ER getting hurt on the UM.....well, the joke with the host was that it was HER bad luck, not mine. She had a party once before and the consultant was 8.5 months pregnant. She wasn't due for 3 weeks, but she went into labor AT THE SHOW! Then I cut myself and go to the ER.

Well, she actually became a consultant after her show (miracle!), and had her first show last night. It was for her own daughter. But her daughter was VERY sick. She's 24, but she actually was so sick she spent the night at her mom's on Tuesday, woke up at 2am with a 103 degree temp again...and the doc had told her if it happened to go to the ER. They did, only to wait for almost 5 hrs (what is UP with that in ER's? Is there a MINIMUM wait time we all don't know about???). They did a spinal tap and all sorts of tests...all negative so far. They didn't get home till 1pm (no sleep). They decided to continue with her show anyway! Tara (host) was sent to her room to bed, and my consultant did the show without her. There were 8 guests...about $200 sales and 3 bookings/ 1 recruit lead. Not bad!

But we joked that we think it's HER bad luck, and it wasn't mine! She has show #2 tonight with 20 guests expected. I'm hoping it turns out better, and that it just didn't mean her odds of injury someone have dramatically increased with that many potential guests. *lol*