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Pampered Chef: So..........I get this call

  1. pcsharon1

    pcsharon1 Veteran Member Gold Member

    So I get a call from a lady who started the conversation like this........."This is ......and I purchased a stone from you at a show last August. August such and such to be exact and I gave that stone today as a shower gift and when the girl opened it up, it isn't the stone I ordered."

    Well, I just sat there. I had no idea what she meant by that. But she kept going and says "I ordered the stone you showed us at the show (and by this time I had gotten the name of her hostess) and the one I got only has a little side on it like a cookie sheet"

    So by now you have figured out that she has a large bar pan right? And that is the stone I used at the show and it is the stone she ordered. But basically she was calling because what she really wanted was a Rectangle Baker. So I looked up her order and I told her, yes that is what your order is for a large bar pan. And she says (pretty much word for word here!) - well, I know there is nothing I can do about it now and I didn't tell her that isn't what I meant to give her because I didn't want her to know that I hadn't looked at her gift before I wrapped it but when she opened the box I was shocked at what was in it.

    Then she goes on to want to tell me that she paid a lot for that stone and wants to know how much more it cost her than if I had ordered her what she actually wanted. When I told her it was actually less than a rectangle baker she had nothing else to say.

    I told her it could still be exchanged but she didn't want that because she didn't want to admit to the girl that she hadn't looked at her gift in the ten months that she had it (thank God it wasn't broken!) and I even offered to send her a catalog so she could see the difference but she said no she didn't want that - she just wanted me to know that she was unhappy.

    Oh, and before anyone says I should have called her before now, she refused to give me her phone number at the show because she didn't want me calling and soliciting her. So there you go.............that's my weird, unhappy, can't satisfy you if I paid for your items myself customer of the year.

    So do you think I should send her a catalog or a mini with a 10% off coupon or something just to show that I at least tried to make her happy?
    Jun 21, 2009
  2. Jules711

    Jules711 Veteran Member Silver Member

    I don't know if I would. She doesn't seem to want any sort of contact. I don't think there is anything you can do. I think it's funny that she thought that the rectangle baker would fit in that box, she didn't notice Large Bar Pan written on it (and most people DO know what bar pan refers to).

    Besides, the bar pan is very useful so it's a great gift that she actually fell into!
    Jun 21, 2009
  3. DebbieJ

    DebbieJ Legend Member

    I would send her nothing. She doesn't deserve you as a consultant.

    Plus, it's not your fault she ordered the wrong thing and didn't check it for 10 months!
    Jun 21, 2009
  4. PCMomto4

    PCMomto4 Member

    Did she actually think that a rectangular baker would fit into a box the size that the bar pan comes in?
    Jun 21, 2009
  5. chef131doreen

    chef131doreen Veteran Member Gold Member

    I would send it with a note attached ....... thanking her for the order and that you wished there was more that you could do
    I still think she should have looked at the gift SHE was giving someone.wouldn't you just to see if it was ok ........

    You may just leave a good last impression that she will remember
    Jun 21, 2009
  6. pcchefjane

    pcchefjane Senior Member Gold Member

    I agree with everyone else... How could she possibly think a Rectangle Baker could fit in the Large Bar Pan box?? I also feel like the bride got the better end of the deal since she will get a lot more use out of that than the Rectangle Baker in my opinion. Too bad you don't know the bride's name so you can send her a recipe flyer for it! You could call Ms. Dissatisfied and say you need the Bride's contact information in case she has problems with her stone because the guarantee doesn't "transfer" without knowing who she is! Just an idea...
    Jun 21, 2009
  7. pcsharon1

    pcsharon1 Veteran Member Gold Member

    I may send her a mini cat with my bar pan recipes flyer to pass on to the bride. I, too, personally think she got the better gift with the bar pan. I use it way more than the rectangle baker.

    And as for the baker fitting in the box, that is the first thing I said to my husband when I got off the phone. How did she think what she wanted fit in that thin box? And isn't there a picture of the bar pan on the box?

    And my good customers don't even keep all my info to contact me so easily - this woman was just waiting for a problem. She came to one show, ordered one thing and didn't even want me to have her info to contact her.
    Jun 21, 2009
  8. AnnieBee

    AnnieBee Veteran Member Gold Member

    I guess I'm not even sure what she wanted from you?? Did she actually ask for you to do something, or just complain that she ordered the wrong thing?

    The whole thing is wierd!
    Jun 21, 2009
  9. pcsharon1

    pcsharon1 Veteran Member Gold Member

    Basically she wanted me to know that she was unhappy that I wasn't a mind reader and I let her order something she didn't want. And I think she really thought that the bar pan was more than the rectangle baker and was going to ask for the difference back until she found out othrwise.
    Jun 21, 2009
  10. AnnieBee

    AnnieBee Veteran Member Gold Member

    Wow! Just bizarre...
    Jun 21, 2009
  11. MLinAZ

    MLinAZ Member Gold Member

    When I worked in retail our favorite thing was to ask customers what it was they would like us to do. 85% of the time they didn't know what it was they wanted us to do, they just wanted to complain/vent/express themselves. It was funny when they would get all tongue tied.

    Of course then there was the other group that clearly demanded exactly what they wanted from the get-go whether or not it was appropriate or even feasible. Those were NOT my favorites LOL
    Jun 21, 2009
  12. Jinkies

    Jinkies Member

    I think that she would have demanded money back had it been more expensive, which I believe was the point of the call. I wouldn't send her anything, personally. Except the one idea for all the things that you can do on the large bar pan, that is a really great idea!
    Jun 21, 2009
  13. pamperedlinda

    pamperedlinda Legend Member Gold Member

    bless and release
  14. chefsteph07

    chefsteph07 Legacy Member

    I wouldn't send her anything. She ordered what you demo'd, not your fault that she thought she was getting something else. If she doesn't want to exchange it, then forget it.
    Jun 22, 2009
  15. babywings76

    babywings76 Legend Member Gold Member

    She probably bought it for herself, never opened it, never used it. Needed a gift, and thought "what about that stone I bought, that's a nice brand name product to re-gift". Then she just plain old forgot what on earth it even was. ;) You'd think the picture on the box, along w/ the name bar pan would've reminded her. Clearly just holding the box you know it's not a casserole dish!!!
    Jun 22, 2009
  16. raebates

    raebates Legend Member Staff Member

    Frankly, I'd forget she even existed. She clearly needed to vent and chose you as the outlet. As we say here at CS, bless and release.
    Jun 22, 2009
  17. BettieC

    BettieC Member Gold Member

    ITA that the bride got a way better gift!!

    LOL Amanda.......With all those "in your face" clues.....yeah duh you would think she would know what was inside.....hehehe
    Jun 22, 2009
  18. etteluap70PC

    etteluap70PC Legacy Member Gold Member

    I think you did just fine...
    Jun 22, 2009
  19. Nanisu

    Nanisu Veteran Member Gold Member

    File this under the "bless and release" category for sure
    Jun 22, 2009
  20. chefann

    chefann Legend Member Gold Member

    I agree. It sounds to me like a case of buyers remorse, but even she realized that 10 months was a little ridiculous to finally make a stink. She probably would have taken you up on any offers to exchange it or give her something for free, had you made them. Some people just aren't happy with anything, and will push the boundaries to see what they can get for free.
    Jun 22, 2009
  21. I totally agree with Amanda. She probably needed a gift, found that in her house, and slapped a bow on it. I can't remember EVER buying a gift for a bridal shower 10 months in advance. Of course, I have known to procrastinate a wee bit.

    I personally like the phoning her to get the bride's info. If you send her the recipe sheet, who's to say she'd ever give it to the bride?
  22. pampered.chris

    pampered.chris Veteran Member Gold Member

    I also think this was an item that she purchased for herself. But what really shocks me is that she thought she would be able to get the refund if there was a difference. I would not honor that at all. Had she ordered the Rect Stone and really wanted the bar pan I would have told her that she could exchange it but I would not offer to pay the difference at all. The other thing that surprises me is that she thought the Rect stone would be less than the bar pan...LOL!!
    Some people can never be satisfied...
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