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So Frustrated with Host!


Nov 9, 2005
I had 3 show bookings off of my show at the beginning of the month. One of them wanted the April host specials but could only do March 31 (tomorrow) for her party. I said that was fine and told her I would submit as an april show. I called her again and talked to her about a week later about her show and told her I was sending her Host packet out in the mail. I have called now every other day (sometimes 2-3 times a day) and get no answer. This is the only number I have and there is no answering machine.

Finally last thursday I got a hold of someone and told them who I was why I was calling and for them to please give her the message. Well now a week later after calling and calling I still have not talked with the host about a recipe or her party or anything! The show is tomorrow and is about 30 min from my house, my husband will have to take off early to come and stay with the boys so I can get over there before all of the traffic.

I even called and emailed the host she booked off of and have not heard from her! I know they live in the same area but dont really know how to get to her house. I am going to try calling agian today but if I dont talk to her do I go out there or no?? I hate for her to have all of these people show and there be no consulant but also would have to show and there be no party!:mad:


That's a tough one. If you haven't had any contact with her, it's my guess that she's blown you off and doesn't want to talk to you and admit it. I doubt she's even sent out invitations. Try calling again. If you get someone else and have to give another message, just state that you will assume the show is cancelled if the woman doesn't get back with you. If that doesn't get her to call you back, nothing will. I too would hate to make the 30 minute trip to her house, especially if you don't know how to get to her house. Good luck!

Gina M

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Jan 13, 2006
It's amazing that hosts sometimes have no clue - you definitely hate to not go and then all these people show up and you get badmouthed. But if you don't have a recipe decided on or # of people of coming, that's hard too. Maybe you will luck out and somehow get a hold of her - maybe you could do a recipe with ingredients you bring (something your family would eat in case it's a bust and she's not there). Keep trying to contact her and her friend - (maybe they are somewhere for spring break?) and leave messages with the friend through the phone and emails and tell her you really need directions as you can't get a hold of the host. If you could at least talk to the friend she booked from, you would think she would know whether she was doing the show. I take it you don't have the host's email address otherwise I would bombard that as well. I've had some hosts who prefer to do everything email cause they hate to talk on the phone! Good luck - hope it works out for you!

Gina Miller
Pampered Chef Consultant
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Sep 11, 2005
Stacie, I see you live in Hawaii that must be beautiful:cool:. If you call and get no answer I would not go and if she does plan on the show happening I am sure you will hear from her around the time of the show to start. Then I would just tell her you had to assume the show was a no go, since you could not get a hold of her and try to re-book. Good luck, keep us updated.

Kelley Sells

Feb 2, 2006
Me too...

I started my shows in March, gunho....I had one booked for the 5th, the 10th and the 12th, did the 5th and the 12th, but the 10th told me to change it to the 17th, Told her it was St. Pattys day....she said it would be GREAT then....so I redid the invites, got them to her, and called to confirm a week prior...nothing....left voice mails...at LEAST 1 every other day.....so FINALLY she sent me an email the 16, the day prior to her party date, said she only had 4 attending...I told her that would be fine, I have had 5 and had a 300 show....she backed out....said she wasn't going to clean her house for 4 people.:mad: ..I was soooo flipping mad...:eek: .SO...she did alot of e-invites....I am taking all those email addresses and am going to send a great invite for them to host their own show.....

I wouldn't waste your night preparing for it....if she hasn't called you back then she was just not brought up with manners that is for sure.

I'm so sorry she did that to you....and now I have a better appreciation for home parties...went to a party lites monday night....the host was THRILLED....so where the attendees when the consultant found out I was Pampered Chef and then THEY all knew....:D I passed out at least 12 cards....LOL....

Chin up....and if she did e-invites, send out personal emails to all those folks and see if you can't recoup by getting a booking or two.

AND I would cook up a special treat for the DH and kiddies....you can do a fun show for them....that's even better :D


Nov 9, 2005
Finally heard from her after badgering the host she booked off of. Party is still on. Thank goodness !


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May 6, 2005
Good!!! Hopefully this isn't any indication of how well the show will go!:rolleyes: I hope it's a good one! At least you know it's on!


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Nov 29, 2005
Don't feel bad, I had that kind of experience several times and I just take it as no. Wish they were more considerate and have the courtesy to at east return the call. I had many host at the very last minute changed the date due to illness, not enough guests coming and so on... I had one changed from March to April and then now to May. I sure hope she sticks to the date. When they keep changing the date, the guest off will be different for each month, so as the host special. Well, I have learned a lesson and if they don't returnmy call, I just cancel their show and give the date to someone else. Wish you luck!


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Mar 21, 2006
an idea

I understand how frustrated you are, and I have an idea if you are brave enough to do it! Call the potential host and leave a message on her machine stating that you will be arriving at ___pm and that you are bringing several stones in order to be ready to prepare the recipe YOU have choosen-she doesn't need to know you don't know where she lives or that you really aren't coming....unless you want to go one step further and actually show up! This could easily backfire as she may just igonre you again, but it has happened to my Direcotr in the past and she used this technique and got a phone call from the host about 15 minutes later!
One more thing-after the second, maybe third, time you couldn't get in touch with her, I would have re-booked that date and moved on. In the off-chance that she would call you back to talk about the show, you could have stated that it was your obligation to your family to make sure your calendar was full and that she could reschedule her show. Harsh??? We have to try to remember that we are professionals, like doctor's that charge a fee if you don't keep your appointment!
OK-off soapbox now! Good luck