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So excited


Mar 7, 2006
I work 8-5 M-F in a call center and have a hard time getting bookings outside of my shows. So today (casual day) I'm wearing my pink HWC baseball T from VIP. I got a booking and two booking referrals from another person in the building! If you've ever considered buying PC clothing, trust me, it's worth it! 3 potential bookings just for wearing my shirt! WOOHOO!


Veteran Member
Feb 17, 2006
Great for you!!! How exciting and what a great start to the weekend! I am a huge fan of wearing something PC everywhere! This weekend I will be wearing a shirt to our local Easter Egg Hunt, lots of moms and dads to get bookings and recruits from!


Legend Member
Oct 6, 2005
Yep, either wear PC or carry a PC bag! I gave away three catalogs this week by just carrying my catalog tote bag!


Legacy Member
May 6, 2005
That's so cool! I love my PC tote bag! I met a host in Caribou Coffee a couple years ago and I just met another person last week in Caribou Coffee who is probably at least going to be placing an order!:D


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Silver Member
Sep 7, 2005
I have the tote bag from supply order and have given out a couple of catalogs with it!


Advanced Member
Feb 14, 2005
I just wanted to brag a second. This month was supposed to be slow for me due to a long vacation and the start up of baseball for my boys. I had one show on the calendar. Which I was happy with. Well, people are turning up everywhere wanting to do catalog shows! I have already turned in one and I have 2 more going right now. I also had a neighbor ask me for a catalog the other day because someone wanted to order something. Well, I went to ask her for the order yesterday and she said it was probably gonna be around $400!!!! She wanted to know if she could turn it into a cat show. Then the biggie, I am headed to the beach and a great friend of mine lives close by. I called her Friday to see if she wanted to do one and she said yes! Her last show was $1350. So for a month that I thought was going to be slim pickings it just keeps getting better. I feel very blessed. Good luck to all of you. I hope you are having success as well.


Gold Member
Mar 29, 2006
Congratulations! I love when they fall in your lap like that. Just when you think your about to quit, someone pops out of the blue and wants to do a show. It's keep me going my 2 1/2 years.