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So excited! Signing 5th recruit since Conference tomorrow!

Jun 12, 2005
Okay, I have really made recruiting a priority, and it is paying off! I've been so blessed the last few months! I had a lady from my credit union call me out of the blue Monday! She had been thinking about PC and knew I sold it, so she called to ask me some questions. I was going to meet with her the next day to answer anymore questions she had, but she was ready to sign! She just wanted to wait until Friday when she got paid! :p And my business is actually busier now than it had been before I started working to recruit! You just never know who is watching you! Plus I've got 2 more that plan to sign after they hold their shows to get the kit credit! Woo hoo! I will be walking at Conference this year! I can just feel it! :D


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May 6, 2005
Congrats Brooke! That's awesome! I think when you ARE busier and you're having more shows, the recruiting potentials naturally increase because you're in front of more people. That's a good point that you never know who may be watching you and getting seeds planted in their heads without you even knowing it! Way to go!!!!! Keep up that momentum!


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Jun 20, 2005
What's your secret?

I am really excited about developing my own team and currently have 4 people that are in the works of signing, plus 1 qualified recruit already and was just wondering how you do your recruiting. I am overly excitable about sharing the opportunity that I feel like I've actually SCARED off 2 potential recruits. One was interested and got busy with work and decided to wait. The other contacted me from this board and we emailed back and forth several times and I haven't spoke with her after the 3rd set of emails. I continue to invite her to cluster meetings, but get no response.


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Nov 9, 2005
I feel the same way

I went to Nat. Con. '05 and came back all pumped especially in the line of recruiting. I had one girl come to me out of the blue and sign as she was moving to AL, and the other one I meet at a festival I had a booth at to sign just before holding her show. I have had soooo many potiential recruits I would probably have to pull my shoes off to count that high, but they have never went through to sign up. What am I doing wrong, because I feel like I am scaring them away. I am bubbling over with excitement when talking to everybody about PC and just don't feel like I am being too pushy. What could be done to change this, because I too want to walk at Conference? :confused:

Angela Roark 431269
Ind. Future Director
Corning, AR


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Nov 25, 2004

This is fantastic news! I look forward to cheering you as you walk stage... why not try for Leadership Conference??

Recruiting is all about attitute, if you love what you do, people see that. If you ask, you will find people truly are interested. I just signed my 6th today for the month of November. It is amazing how many people just need someone to believe in them.

Keep up the great work!!!