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S'Mores Cake - lessons


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Sep 8, 2008
I tried the S'mores Cake for the first time tonight using my RC Dutch Oven. I'm trying to like my RC, so thought I'd give this a go!

I had the chocolate mostly melted...but NOT quite done. When I put the cake with the marshmallows on top under the broiler, I then hit the button on the microwave to give another 30 seconds to my chocolate (hit the minute button though). I opened the oven door to check my marshmallows (maybe 15 seconds had gone by). WHOOOSH! Flames start shooting out! Scared the crap out of me! I slammed the door shut, turned it off and just watched it slowly die down and my marshmallows get nice and charred. :( I had the fire extinguisher on standby. After it burned down, I opened the door and made sure to quickly put the lid on it just in case it flared up again.

I thought it was ruined...or at least the marshmallows. I was going to scrape them off to salvage at least the cake for my kids. Turns out, I was able to easily scrape off the charred marshmallow, just like you would at a campfire- pop off the outer burn, and eat the inner goo. A few char flakes got in the underlying marshmallow goo, but I put the graham crackers on top. MY CHOCOLATE though, because I was so focused on the fire, got over done and 'seized' into one solid lump. So I used just drizzled some Nestle Chocolate syrup on it...not alot, because I knew it wasn't quite the same, but it was enough.

Tasted quite good actually, after all of that! haha phew!

I will say, I saw someone ask about using chocolate chips instead of candy bar. I only had 2 candy bars, so I used some milk chocolate chips (same brand)...they do NOT melt down as nice. That was why I had to reheat my chocolate in the first place. I should have just dug deeper in my pantry box and gotten the candy melting chocolates out.

And I saw in another post ask if you could make this in the DCB. No. You couldn't put the cake/marshmallows under the broiler because it is stone.

Paula R. Lewis

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Nov 25, 2005
So, can the S'mores Cake be made in both the Everyday Rockcrok, as well as the Dutch Oven Rockcrok? Same recipe, same time? I have a show tonight, and I need to make 2 recipe's worth, as she is expecting 18-20 people.
I've never made this before, but, since these pans are the same 9" circumference, I thought it might work. Has anyone tried it in both of these pans? Results the same, etc? Also, any tips for making at a show are welcome as well! Thanks in advance!