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Small striped bowls

Aug 18, 2005
:eek: Yes, I had a customer to call and tell me that they were unsatified with the small striped bowls and wanted to send them back and reorder something els. This is a first for me. Want do I do????????


Sep 9, 2005
if the order is within the first 30 of the SHIP date of the order, just do it on the website site under PRODUCT ADJUSTMENT. They will send a UPS tag to either the customer or you to have it shipped back. If it is after the first 30 days then you can do a Product Ajustment thru the website, and they will probably give you a return number. The product will have to be shipped back by eithe r you or the customer but either way it will have to have the receipt included. If the customer can do it, they can email CUSTOMER SERVICE and they will give them a return number, ask them to put the email in teh package and put the return number on the outside of the package and they will take it back but the customer will have to ship it themselves.

Take a look at your RECIPE FOR SUCCESS under Policies and Procedures and it is spelled out exactly. It is also ont eh download section on our website under CC.

Hope this helps!