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Small shows are not a waste of your time


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Nov 23, 2005
I went to a meeting this weekend and two consultants expressed that they have had small shows and when they had this happens they don't want to waste their time. They do the show with shortcuts and off they go.

I totally disagree and hope some of you will learn from my experience.

Having say, 4 people in the room instead of one person on the phone is pure gold. Sit down and take advantage of a small group and do everything and with more personal attention.

I have had 2 experiences like this.

One had 4 people-I booked 3 shows-from those I have an annual cooks convention I go to free and display my product, a fundraiser, the biggest show of the year, a recruit and so on. It was not a waste of time.

Last night I had 3 people-I booked 2 shows and a possible bridal show.

Take the time to talk to them and give them the best show you have. You will be surprised at the outcome!

By the way, this is the second party this lady has booked from me(other one was very good) and she has plans to book a theme/couples show next year instead.


May 12, 2005
100% with you

I agree 100% with you, my last show had 2 guest showing up, with the host her husband and her baby their where 5 people there!!
I thought for my self when I first got there that nobody will show up since we just had one of our first snow day, that evening, well the show started almost 1 1/2 hours later that schedul. I got so discourage but I kept it for myself, not showing to her how I felt.
All that to say that of the 2 guest that show up the show still came up to $300 and 1 booking! both ordered a stone and a choper (my host sold the choper for me, so great) I was exited because it gave me more time to do one on one with them.Also though it was a good average everyone order and 1/2 of the guest book a show!!! :p

I so not agree with people that don't give a cooking show the same way they would do if there were a lot more people there. You should do your best whenever you do your job, regardless if 3 people are there or 20. Personnaly I almost prefer doing cooking show when the crowd is smaller because I can keep control of the crowd and allow me to answer a lot more questions, and spend more time with each guest.


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Sep 7, 2005
I agree!

Lately my show turn outs since X-mas have been 2-5 guests and I find it's more comfortable for me and they feel more involved and it feels more personal I think! I get more bookings at smaller shows as well! So I like them too! Don't get me wrong I love big turn outs too! My biggest so far has been 12 guests (+ 4 outside orders) and that one was a $1120 show (my highest to date) :D . Both have advantages I guess!


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Jul 29, 2005
Small shows not a waste

I agree. Small shows are not a waste of time. Although I am much more awkward and self-conscious when there are less than 5 people, sales are usually in the $400-500 range and that's nothing to sneeze about. Sometimes it's refreshing to not have to deal with the stresses that come with the higher guest and sales shows. :)


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Jan 21, 2005
I agree too. I had one show that was $60 in sales (at that time we needed $150 in sales or 5 orders) and I had driven 75 miles to get there. There were 2 people there and even with additional host coaching the FINAL sales were $60. But I got 2 bookings which gave me bookings, which gave me bookings... The shows that were generated from that first show were $300-$1200 in sales. Oh, yes, way worth it!

I do encourage hosts to be excited and remind guests in the last day or so before the party because people feel less pressured when there are more in attendance. The host doesn't feel so friendless when the room is full... (of course you can always tell when the host didn't really invite anyone - she's not embarrased or bothered by the low turnout at all).

No matter how many guests there are I do the same demo, it's just more intimate with fewer people. She bought the food and the guests that did come expected to be at a cooking show and they should get what they came for! I think that's why they are easier to book sometimes - they feel like we treated them special.


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Sep 13, 2005
Do your demo...

for the people who are there, not in spite of those who aren't! :mad: Not doing a normal demo is unfair to the people who show up for the show! Why should they get a crappy demo because others didn't show up! Remember it is "relationship selling." People buy from us because they like the way we make them feel!!

I have had many small shows throughout my three years...and I treat them all the same! You never know who might be your next host, your next team member or your next Director!! :D