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Pampered Chef: Site login will be funky for awhile

  1. PampChefJoy

    PampChefJoy Veteran Member Gold Member

    My programmer is putting some changes into effect and it's messing up the access. I am SO sorry this is happening right at month end when you are trying to get your newsletters out. Believe me, I am not thrilled with the timing, especially since I am about to head out to Vegas for a few days and will now have to monitor the situation.

    Please bear with me - I've got several emails into him but he's on the opposite end of the earth so our time zones don't cross well. Thanks for your patience!
    Sep 28, 2009
  2. wadesgirl

    wadesgirl Legend Member Gold Member

    Thanks for letting us know! Luckily I already got my newsletter in IContact erady to go!
    Sep 28, 2009
  3. pamperedpals

    pamperedpals Senior Member Gold Member

    Joy you are so good about letting us know when there are issues. Thank you. I'm glad I sent my newsletter out yesterday. :)
    Sep 28, 2009
  4. pcchefjane

    pcchefjane Senior Member Gold Member

    I don't usually send mine out until the first week of the month since I use the "Top Host" section. Thanks for letting us know!
    Sep 28, 2009
  5. PampChefJoy

    PampChefJoy Veteran Member Gold Member

    I think we'll have it fixed within the next couple of hours but hang tight... what a nightmare. I'd asked for some coding changes and it looks like it completely changed everything - everyone's access and classificiations are messed up!
    Sep 28, 2009
  6. PampChefJoy

    PampChefJoy Veteran Member Gold Member

    It looks like everything has been restored - will you please let me know if you still have trouble?
    Sep 29, 2009
  7. heat123

    heat123 Legend Member Silver Member

    thanks Joy for the heads up and updates! :)
    Sep 29, 2009
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