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Sip & Dip Ideas


Oct 16, 2005
I have a sip & dip show in june that I'm really excited about since its my first show outside my circle of friends/family. He already had 8 people reply and say they are coming.
Sep 14, 2005
sips n dips show ideas for you

I have a sips and dips party outline that I will try to attach for you. I am having my third sips and dips party this weekend. People love these recipes. One idea I am trying this time around is to print a card to display with the recipe that has the cookbook I got it out of. This is supposed to promote sales of cookbooks (this was a suggestion from a customer who saw this before). Anyway, here goes nothing (I hope it works for you)!:)


  • Sips and Dips Show outline.doc
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  • Sips and Dips Show Recipes.doc
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Sep 14, 2005

I just realized that I included the hosts names. You'll see that I used it twice already since there are two names in the attachment! No last names, I just didn't want you to think I'd forgotten who my hosts were.