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Simple additions medium square different


Jul 6, 2005
size now ! I have 6 medium sqaures so i had a host not use a 1/2 price so she told me to use it , so i did :) i got another set of medium squares ! They are smaller than the other 6 i have !! The box says medium , it is not a huge difference but they are different, why would they do this ??? Any one else notice this ??? My whole set is complete i have 8 of everything ! But two plates smaller !!!


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Sep 13, 2005

I have many Simple Additions as I use them as my serving ware for every day use. I know that on the card you get with simple additions, it tells you that each piece is hand made and may have subtile differences. It also says no two pieces are exactly alike or something like that. My small bowls are all different...but it is barely noticable until they are stacked. And my squares are the same way. Hope this helps! Let me know what the HO says! :D