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Signed 2 Today


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Jan 13, 2006
Just wanted to share....one was a Home Office Lead (I was a HO lead, too!), just wanted to know how to sign up and has her first shows ready to go.

The other is a past host that has been on the fence for quite a while.

Moral of the story -- some will be easy, some will take time, but all are worth it!

My downline has been using the tips from the conference workshop "Out and About" and are challenging each other to get their "3" contacts a day while they are out doing errands -- then still doing 3 calls in the evening. It has been going great! They are booking shows, getting recruit leads and getting their names out there!

I have to share that they are asking EVERYONE! One of my downline signed in March and has signed 3 already with 2 more ready to go! ASK EVERYONE!!!!


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Apr 15, 2009
I love it! Thanks for sharing, and WHOO HOO for you! Congrats! Will be sharing your tips with the team! = )