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Shows with other Direct Sales Cons?


Mar 9, 2006
A customer (and lady i work with) asked me wouldn't it be fun to have a PC party (which i suggested to her because she wants SEVERAL things :D ) and a Beauticontrol (which a mutual friend of ours is a cons for) show the same night...get all relaxed and pampered and then eat some yummy food!

Just wondering if anyone has done this and any pros/cons that might have come from it.......

My first guess is that she would probalby do her show first and then break (for her to close sales) and then start the pc cookign show......:confused:


Novice Member
Jan 27, 2006
I have completed shows with other companies. If you are thinking about doing this, I would suggest making your recipe(s) first then sticking them in the oven why she does her presentation. (Remember: Customers usually buy what is presented in the first 20 minutes.) This will save on time for the evening too. When she is done with her presentation, you can have your recipe just coming out of the oven and then eat, shop, and enjoy. Good luck if you try it.