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Shows for Saturday night



I have a host who wants a Saturday night show. I like the Margaritaville idea, but am curious if anyone has any others. There's a chance that there will be mixed company, so some ideas for couples on Saturday night would be helpful. I figure we need a good theme to get folks to come on a weekend evening.


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May 6, 2005
NEXT Saturday I have a host doing a "Couples Show" and she had done one a long time ago with a different consultant, so she was excited to do another one. I've heard different suggestions for this. There can be a "Battle of the Sexes" contest where the men make one recipe and the women make another. Or they all make the same recipe, but one group uses PC tools, the other doesn't. Or maybe it's a race to the finish and each group critiques the other's recipe. I'm sure the possibilities are endless. I will be talking with my host tomorrow to hear more about what was fun when she did it before.

I'd love to hear how others' "Couples Shows" have gone. Thanks!


let us know

After you talk to your host, please let us know what was so much fun about it. That will help those of us faced with doing a couples show.



I also have a host interested in a "battle of the sexes" show, so I'm interested in hearing other's people's experiences!


Mar 26, 2005

I have had 2 successful "Couples Show" and one gave me the hosting for the other and everyone had a blast (and high sales averages, with repeat guests from the first show!!)

I got the Riddle Cards off this site (some riddles have slight sexual innuedo) and separated them out according to the level of the sexual innuendo. I pasted each on green, red and pink index cards. They were then labeled cool, warm and hot cards. The couples were each their own team (hubby and wife on each team). I read the riddle and told the page number and they were racing to find the item. The couple who called out the right answer got a point. (I just numbered them as couple #1, #2 etc and wrote out 1-18 on the paper and did tally marks). I did ask the host in advance if she would be okay with that "tone" of a show~she was more than happy!!

I had 2 prizes- a $5 gift certif for the couple with the most points and then a special "King of the Kitchen- Free Nookie Tonight" gift certif. for the man in the couple who got the most hot cards right ( I tallied those with a star so I would know who got the most "hot" answers right). A different couple did win each prize, so it was nice.

It looked like the newlywed game!! Some were just so good together, while others were getting bopped in the head! It was really exciting and fun and got me a booking for another couples show ( the man who got the free nookie card and his wife booked their own show!)

For that one, I went to partyplannetwork.com and printed out their Family Feud game. I split the room in half (women vs. men) and they worked as a group to write out the most popular answer. The losing sex had to serve the other sex for the entire night. Refills on beer, when the food was ready, etc. The women lost and had to serve the men. It was hilarious to watch the men take advantage of the whole thing.

I thought having the guests cooking would be too much for me so I didn't do it at my shows. I focused the couples part on the games. I then did the demo normally, but the game set the tone for the whole night. I left and the party was still going on with both shows.

The first may sound tedious, but its not at all. Thought I'd drop my positive experience with you ladies. I personally love couples shows!!

Sorry so long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!