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Show today no bookings lately


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Apr 18, 2006
I have a show today and need to know what do I do to get the bookings. Lately no one wants to book. No. I don't do parties.... etc...
Any suggestions at what is a ah ha moment for anyone lately?


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Apr 10, 2005
Schel, the best advice I have for you (and I know this probably won't help for today) is to have your Director, or someone from your cluster who is successful with bookings, come to your show and watch you do. An objective look will help a lot to identify why suddenly your not getting bookings...


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Jan 24, 2007
Be sure to talk about bookings throughout your show. Like, this Deep Covered Baker is a great investment at full price, but if your wallet says no think about doing a show and getting it for 50% off or even FREE! Be sure to ask EVERYONE at checkout if they would like to have a fun show with their family and friends! Paint word pictures that get their mouth's drooling and suggest you make XXX at their show. Get the current host involved and let her know that when her guests book a show she will get the HOST special at their show for 60% off! A lot of times she eggs them on with come on you better do a show! HTH!


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Oct 27, 2008
Now, I do mine a little different. There is no right or wrong way, just YOUR way. Anyhow, I do a quick demo, give helpful tips and of course have fun! I then do a booking commercial and a recruiting commercial. I don't sprinkle throughout the show. My booking commercial is the booking slide. then I have a binder that has the upcoming host specials, theme shows and then biz information. I then tell my story and that I am looking for talented, motivated ppl to join my team.

The commercials work for me. I have had shows the last two night (as an example) and I have booked a total of 8 shows from them. It is also in the attitude. Go in not saying 'I hope I get booking tonight' but saying " I'm going to get 2 bookings tonight" Have your host packets ready to go for those shows. Be fun and outgiong throughout the show AND at checkout! I tend to turn all business like at check out. They like the fun girl doing the show... not the biz girl taking orders!

So, that is my way. Good luck!


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Sep 20, 2005
JUST received this email from my SD....she was passing it along from someone else, but I thought it was great!

Hello House Cluster!

It’s an early installment of APRIL ABUNDANCE!!!!

With April right around the corner, let me share a secret with you….you should absolutely, positively be scheduling your April shows with firm dates now!!!!

So I wanted to give you an idea of how to use the Trifle Bowl at your upcoming March shows this week and next to complete filling your April calendar! Below is my “Trifle Bowl Script” I use at shows. This has worked so many times to secure bookings. If you have the bowl, take it with you, even if nothing is in it. If you don’t have the bowl, then use the catalog and use this same script.

Give the folks at your show excitement over something that they probably would glance over and never give a second notice. Yes, the products do sell themselves but it’s up to you to bring them to life! Give it a try and let me know about your booking success at your upcoming shows! Remember, go to your March shows being ready for business…have your April dates out and available and May dates in your apron pocket. Always be ready with show dates so you don’t have to call them back! Book right there when they are in the “Pampered Chef mood” and then the time you spend on the phone will be on host coaching and making it as good of a show as possible!

Let me know if you have any questions. Be on the lookout for more early issues of April Abundance –


Show Script:

When this Trifle first came out, I thought, ok, well I’ll NEVER use THAT! I mean, seriously, how often do you make a trifle recipe? Maybe once a summer? I’m all about using products that are practical. Well, as a Pampered Chef consultant, Pampered Chef will send you free products, and when they send it to you free, you don’t send it back! You keep it, you try it!

Well, my Trifle Bowl arrived and I immediately was impressed with it. It was sooo beautiful and the catalog picture just did not do it justice. Because of the clear glass, it goes with every décor! The next thing was I really liked that it had a lid. No more fumbling with plastic wrap. But then when I realized what it would do, then it became one of my FAVORITE items! Yes, seriously, one of my favorites!!!

(At the show, you’ll have it on the table, and then put your hands under the bowl part…..then say….) Ok, are you guys ready? Are you sure you’re ready? (Turn to host and say….)…They are sooo not ready!

(Then dramatically, lift the bowl up off the base, holding the bowl in the air and the base is on the table.)

LOOK! Now, you not only have a beautiful Trifle bowl, you now have a 15-cup serving bowl, salad bowl, pasta salad bowl, even chip bowl. Use it as a small punch bowl, a gorgeous ANYTHING bowl! And of course trifles! And I am so on board with trifles now because they are the easiest and most beautiful and most delicious dessert you can make, and because you just throw everything in the bowl, it is the easiest dessert you can make! The other thing is because the base comes off, the storage is sooo easy!

You’ve made the trifle, now storing it in the fridge is easy because you pop the lid on and pop it in the fridge. Have you ever tried to put a traditional trifle bowl in the refrigerator? It does not fit. You have to lower the shelves, take everything out, what a mess! Now to store the bowl, with a traditional trifle bowl, the first time you put it away, you immediately chip the base, right??? Well, here’s how you store it. Put a cookware protector in the bowl. These protectors are great for storing cookware and pottery and all sorts of stackable but breakable items without chipping them. Then stick the base right on top of the protector, lid on top, and store it right away. So much easier!

I have a ton of Trifle Bowl recipes so if you get the bowl, I can send those to you!

Now let me give you just a few of the creative ideas you can do with this bowl:

· You are going to a party, and you want to be the coolest person there. You take the base and put it in the bowl. Now you take the 2-cup Prep Bowl and sit on top of the base. Fill that with cocktail sauce. Then pour ice all around the base up to the top. Hang your shrimp all around the edges, and voila, you are the hit of the party. Your friends say, Suzy (you choose a guest from the audience and say her name and look at her), you are so good, and you say, I know! EASY!

· Now in the south, everyone takes a cheese ball to a party, right? So the key with entertaining is to give your buffet table some height. So check this out….you take the base of the trifle, and you put it in the middle of the small bamboo platter, you put the cheese ball on the platter, place crackers all around it on the bamboo, bamboo spreader, and again you have an elegant presentation. They say, Suzy, you are sooo good! Suzy says, I know again! EASY!

· Use it for decorating too. Take the base, put in the bowl. Put a pillar candle on it and then fill the bowl with seashells, Easter eggs, Christmas ornaments, little plastic pumpkins, fall leaves.…just change out the candle color and the filler decoration and you have a centerpiece for every season! EASY!

Of course, there are a ton more ideas, but the key here is VERSATILITY and FUNCTIONALITY and PRACTICALITY!

So you can get the Trifle Bowl tonight (at your April shows you can say you can get the Trifle Bowl tonight ON SALE for $29)!

OR you can host a show and get it for 60% off – that would make it $15 and some change!!! Oh my gosh, $15 bucks for one of the most versatile pieces you can ever own. What’s even better is the host here tonight Heather, well she becomes your booking buddy….she comes to your party and she gets the bowl for $15!! Heather is now your NEW BFF!!! (Look at host Heather, give thumbs up, high five – celebrate her getting the bowl with a booking buddy.)

The dates I have here on my stand are the only dates I have left and available for April – so be sure to grab the one first you want to get this Trifle and be sure too that you are ready to shop for FREE because that’s what my hosts do!


May 8, 2009
Thank you for sharing the Trifle Bowl script!! It's awesome!

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