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Pampered Chef: Show recipes for Roaster

  1. KHocutt

    KHocutt Member

    Does anyone have any recipes that they have come up with to showcase the new Professional Roasting Pan at shows?
    I figure if anybody had any it would be you all...you're the best! :D
    Oct 6, 2005
  2. Laurenncraigory

    Laurenncraigory Member

    I'm going to try and do Rice Krispie Treats in it today!!!!
  3. pamperedbecky

    pamperedbecky Legacy Member

    These ideas were sent to me by my upline director..... Very helpful!!! :D



    Thank you Sally Schubert, Marie Freidag, Lynn Wilks, Julie Gizzi, Kathy Yellets,

    Sue Timmerman, Marci King, and Amy Shalongo

    Consultants can use this pan to BOOK YOUR OCTOBER calendar!

    Customer can use this pan ALL YEAR AROUND!

    Here are some compiled tips:

    -Perfect for carmel corn (double the recipe for holiday gifts!

    -10 lbs. of barbecue beef

    -Place a pork roast, roaster chicken and chuck roast side by side for 2 hours and you will have various "meats" for the week to use in weeknight meals.

    -Makes a great deep dish lasagna (freeze half of it).

    -Use it to cook for a crowd!

    -Great for rice krispy treats! You only have to use ONE pan!

    -One gal used it on a flat stove top and browned 8 lbs. of hamburger.

    -Baby potatoes for a crowd.

    -Italian sausage and green peppers for a crowd.

    -Sauerkraut and ribs for a crowd.

    -At a church breakfast you can make a ton of scrambled eggs.

    -Holds 4-5 boxes of hamburger helper.

    -Use on the stove top for grilled cheese or pancakes.

    -Great to do lots of corn on the cob!

    -Great to bake Ziti.

    -Great for baked potatoes for a crowd. Spray the pan with olive oil and roll in kosher salt. Do not prick potatoes! They are sensational!

    We baked three 5 llb chickens at once in the roaster. It did take over two hours for them to cook- We used the digital timer,carving board, carving set etc to see these tools in action.

    We used the turkey recipe card and put the lemon and onion in the belly of the birds and used rosemary herb seasoning. Very yummy and we did baste the chickens a few times...


    -A roast should be large (and placed in a large pan) so it remains tender and moist during this dry heat cooking process.

    -Whenever possible, elevate a roast so the heat and air can circulate underneath.

    -Favorite roasts are: rib roasts, loin roasts (pork and veal) and leg roasts (lamb, pork, and veal).

    -A bone in roast won't take as long to cook as a boneless. The bone acts as a heat conductor to the meat's center. Remember, the bone delivers a wonderful flavor!

    -Always cook a roast fat side up so the melting fat will naturally bast the meat during roasting. Turning a roast at least twice during cooking helps it to brown evenly. (MEAT LIFTERS WORK GREAT FOR THIS)

    -Roast your turkey with the breast side down for 1 ½ - 2 hours and then flip it to keep the breast moist. It's never dry.

    -If you want the best of all worlds, start a roast at high heat, then reduce it after 20 minutes. Slow cooked roasts shrink less than those cooked at higher temperatures.

    -When you check a roast's temperature for doneness, allow for the fact that residual heat will continue to cook the meat after it's removed from the oven. Count on the internal temperature increasing by 5-10 degrees. Use our DIGITAL THERMOMETER for accuracy.

    -Cheap roasting pans are at least $100!


    "Want to know how to get your kids to get good grades and not abuse drugs and alcohol?" (stern look) . GRAB A KNIFE.Then a fork, then a spoon..and sit down at the table and eat dinner with your family!"
  4. PampMomof3

    PampMomof3 Legend Member Gold Member

    Thanks for sharing!

    :D Thanks Becky so much for sharing! I have a show tonight and can't wait to show off the new products to non-family and friends!! She even has $450 in outside orders and I haven't even got there yet!!!
    Oct 7, 2005
  5. its_me_susan

    its_me_susan Senior Member

    I love to just describe it - and how because of the curved (versus V-shaped rack) it can hold a 20-lb turkey, or a small turkey, a ham and 2 cornish hens. All the food you need for a party! That the outside is nonstick, making clean up a breeze, and my favorite part the 2 spouts at one end.... place pan on stove top make gravy in it and pour out without dirtying another pan. I haven't used it yet! Can you believe it?
    Oct 9, 2005
  6. dianevill

    dianevill Senior Member Gold Member

    Are you ready for my goofy poem?

    I couldn't sleep the other night, so I took the information that's in Becky's post (it was posted somewhere else last week, but I don't remember where) and turned it into a poem. I'm no Poe, but here it goes anyway:

    You think I’m for turkey but there’s so much more,
    Caramel Corn, Barbecue, Baked Ziti galore!
    Two hours a pork shoulder, a chicken, and a roast,
    Three meals made once, to that you should toast!
    Rice Krispie Treats, Potatoes, who can resist?
    There’s so many uses, too many to list!
    Use me often, don’t let me sit,
    Make deep dish lasagna, freeze half of it!
    Or invite your friends and serve a lot,
    Sausage and peppers, I’ll keep them hot.
    Scrambled eggs, grilled cheese, it doesn’t end,
    Put me on the stove, direct heat is my friend.
    I’ll make your gravy, brown hamburger, too
    With my non-stick surface, you can make beef stew.
    Simply wipe the pan, it’s not hard at all,
    I’m better than the pans you’ll find at the mall.
    Slow cooking ribs, just catch that scent,
    You’ll soon see your money’s well spent.
    Roomy enough for a 20 pound bird,
    The best non-stick coating is what you heard.
    My stainless steel handles make me strong,
    With a lifetime warranty, you can’t go wrong.

    I figured I'd maybe read that when I'm describing the pan at shows, but we'll see. I haven't decided if it's just corny or way too corny :D

    Oct 9, 2005
  7. pamperedchristine

    pamperedchristine Member Gold Member

    I love it!! Maybe you could put the poem in the pan, and then pass the pan around and give a SB to the first person to read it, that may take some of the corniess out of it (and they'd never know you wrote it!)
  8. PCAbby

    PCAbby Member

    love the poem

    Well I think that poem is great. Ofcourse I am working an overnight shift and its 2 am but at my show Tuesday, I would love to write up the poem and display it next to the pan. I would give you full credit ofcourse! :p
    Oct 10, 2005
  9. chefbilyeu

    chefbilyeu Member

    Great poem! So creative!!!
    Oct 10, 2005
  10. pamperdawn

    pamperdawn Member

    Roasting Poem

    Great job on the poem. You sure are creative ;)
    Oct 10, 2005
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