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Show planner


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Jun 19, 2005
i was told that on supply orders you can get a pack of show planner free once a month. but when i enter in the order i am charged.. does anyone know how to get them for free


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Sep 7, 2005
new to pc -what is a show planner exactly

Hi just wanting to know if this is something I should order right away? What is it exactly -paperwork or a dayrunner like binder? Waiting for my ID #, password and Starter kit and was wondering if supply orders are online or thru paperwork in our kit?

Any suggestions on what to get right away besides website and bus. cards and stamp??

thanks for any replies,
Heather Isackson :)


Aug 7, 2005
On the supply order form...

...it does say "NO CHARGE for first pack"...but I haven't figured out how to get it to not charge. Will keep trying. Tried it again in PP. They must have fixed the glitch in the new version. After you enter the number(DS40), make sure you put an "x" in the N/C column. It will show "0" for total cost.

Heather - you will get some show planners in your Starter kit. You will have all you need to get your through your first few shows, but you will want to order some when you put your first PC supply order in. The planners are used to give hosts when they schedule shows...kind of a "show overview" for them.

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