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Show for bride W/O registry?


Mar 9, 2006
I have a bride who i've been pushign the idea of her having a show to get 'lots of free cool stuff for your new kitchen'.....and really haven't pushed the idea for the registry. Just not really wanting to get her confused...cause sometimes it sounds confusing to me ...having a 'bride show' vs. doing the bridal registry......

SOmeone care to unconfuse me.......or should i just go on with her having a wish list and having her friends / family buy things she wants (from list I prepare from her wish list) or try to push the registry thing......



Dec 28, 2005
The thing with the registry is if she has a bridal shower show, the items bought for her there do not count towards her registry. Your best bet is have her make up a complete wish list, you put the items on lace doilies or something for the guests at the shower to pick and choose what they want to buy, then anything left she can do the PC registry for.