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Show bomber?!

Dec 7, 2012
I'm not sure if this is the place for this thread but I need some advice.

I have a potential recruit (she wants to sell in the summer) and a future host. She does buy a lot from me. Sounds perfect right?

Would be except she's obnoxious.

She came to a show of mine and totally dominated my cooking demo. People left the kitchen to avoid her. She kept picking up non PC items from my host's kitchen and was loudly raving about them and saying how she wish she had those items and not PC. And then she was complaining to the guests that the recipe I was making was too complicated and it's not like they could ever replicate it (it has 6 ingredients and took 10 minutes 5 prep, 5 cook).

She wants to host a show this month and wants to sign under me in the future.

I'm afraid she'll scare my current customers off as many I believe left the party bc of her (it was a huge turn out, but my sales were much lower than expected). Hardly anyone stayed in the kitchen during the demo, most went and found catalogs (next time I'll hide those til after) or just left. I feel bad for my host- she did such a good job inviting and reminding people! She worked hard to get her house cleaned and ready. She even was telling people about HER future party I think to keep people from buying at my host's!

What do I do with this woman? Pass her on to someone else? She does buy a lot... but there is no way she'll do well at this business if her boundaries are this poor. Who'd book from her?


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Jan 21, 2005
I have someone on my team like her and I had the same fears. At meetings she would say things like "I tell them they owe me" when talking about getting bookings/orders.

Well, in time I learned that she has a lot of friends and they love her. They take her comments well and it isn't an issue. As far as my team, at first I don't think the others knew how to take her but recently a couple of them were complaining about another person (she is loud and takes over conversations, not letting anyone else talk - pretty much the same but for some reason rubs them wrong - she is sweet and all heart and I agree that it's hard to get her to let anyone else talk - it's all about personalities getting along) and then they said that they really liked the one I was worried about.

Hopefully that will happen for your person when she signs/does parties.

As far as the reactions of people at the party: I feel for you and the host. It can be overwhelming especially if you don't know this about the person and don't have the triggers to stop some of the behavior. Those that left may have found a way to leave anyway - if they wanted to order they would have as it wasn't her party so I think they may just have used that as an excuse.

Everyone is different and we all have our quirks. In the future when you are confronted with a strong personality give her a job to do (chop something, pass out the catalogs, ask her specific questions) and/or in a friendly/joking type way say that it's your turn to talk. When someone talks about non-PC items agree that they are nice but then say that we are here to see and learn about Pampered Chef products today. Often that will help.
Dec 7, 2012
That's a good idea. She's hosting for me soon- I'll make sure to keep her busy.

She is a nice lady, very nice, but I left the party completely drained. Now that I know that about her, I'll go in with a plan.

You're right- those that left if they wanted to order would have if they really wanted to and if they wanted to but felt chased off- I am sure they will either come to another party or may host their own in the future.