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Should I or shouldn't I?


Veteran Member
Jun 29, 2005
I had an idea for getting some bookings after Christmas but I'm a little afraid it will backfire. I was wondering if anyone else has ever done this. I am going to have a booth at a school Bazaar on Dec 3 (display, not cash and carry). I was thinking of putting a sign up saying if anyone books a show THAT DAY, they can choose any stone for half price that will be ordered when their show closes. I know I can add it onto their order and get their hostess discount, but I'm worried I will be out a lot of $. I thought of saying their show has to be a minimum $, but I'm afraid that might scare off some potential hosts. I've had hosts that don't think they are capable of having a big show and are surprised when they do. What do you all think? :confused:


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Oct 11, 2005
Maybe limit it to certain stones or a choice of a couple of different ones (you
choose) so that it doesn't break you?


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Apr 13, 2004
Never be afraid to put on a minimum

Everytime I run a special, I automatically put on a minimum needed for sales. This minimum will cover that cost in commission. So if you want to give $5 off a stone, make sure you have a $250 minimum. And so on.
If you want to give away free stoneware as a bribe, definately limit the choices to the inexpensive ones and again, set some sort of minimum for sales.


Aug 24, 2005
You could say "Get 1/2 off a stone with a qualifying show" and then when you're talking to them tell them a qualifying show is defined as $X (and X can be whatever you want), which is about ___ average orders. I've found that telling people to collect a certain number of outside orders is less intimidating than saying $150 in outside orders.

Another idea is to say with a $200 show, you get the new round stone at half-price, with a $300 show you get the oval baker at half-price, etc.


Novice Member
Mar 8, 2005
What if you said something like a $200 show receives a small bar pan a 250 gets a small round stone and so on. That way they have the incentive and you can control your costs...


I placed catalogs in my store that say:
"Book a show for (fill in your own month) or place an individual order of $200.00, and you will be entered into a drawing to win a FREE (fill in your gift here)"

I did Book by Nov. 10, and my prizes (a different one on each catalog) were a food chopper, a large round stone, and a bar pan.

After the shows close, I will pick a name out of a jar. The first name I pick, gets her choice. Only ONE name will be picked and only ONE prize will be awarded.