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SHould I get notified when on online show order is placed?

Jan 4, 2006
I was under the assumption that when an online order is placed (whether it is associated with a show or not) that the host and I would get an email confirming. I just happened to find it when I was looking at my shows on the web.

Also, the pasyment info was "contact to arrange payment"

Does this mean I call the customer to ask for a check or Credit Card number?

Sorry to sound dim - it's my first web order:eek:

Any advice would be appreciated:D


yes mam'

you need to contact the customer to get payment... wether they don't feel comfortable putting in the credit card info or whatever.

If the order wasn't part of a show you should have gotten an email with "Online Activity" in the subject line that would tell you an order was placed and what it was. It may or may not have contact information for the customer in it. That's what makes it hard to track them down.

IF the order was part of a show the email will have a different subject line and you can get the order information through yoru show as an unreviewd order.

Hope this helps. GOOD LUCK!!

God Bless:D
Jan 4, 2006
Thanks so much! I will call the customer for payment info and I just checked my email and there was a notification. She must have just placed the order when I saw it and since I hadn't checked in a couple of days, I thought it was from a while ago. Thanks again!