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Shipping address

Pampered Amber

Novice Member
May 12, 2005
Is it possible to have a show's order shipped to me rather than the hostess? I did a mystery host show where they "won" the hostess benefits and I dont want to have to bother her with packing up the orders. Thanks
Feb 22, 2005
Yes there is. Enter the winners name on the hosts name line. On the 1st address line enter C/O you (consultant) then enter your own address. Be sure that this is also what shows up in the ship to box when you balance the order.


Jul 6, 2005
Just wondering...

If it is ok to have all shows shipped to my address , seeing as the shows are being shipped so quickly it doesnt give the checks time to clear , up here it takes up to 10 days to clear my bank told me. I would feel much safer doing it this way . I have heard to many stories of bounced check and consultants getting burnt. I have been selling PC for over a year with no problems yet, but would really like doing it this way if it is allowed ? Thank you !! :)


Advanced Member
Feb 14, 2005
I do this quit a bit. If I have a really big show I just don't feel comfortable having all that merchanidise arrive at the hosts home and have her do all that work. Since I am familiar with the order sheets, item numbers, item names etc it only takes me a fraction of the time to get it together for her. I think it is great customer service as well. And like you said Danielle, it makes sense if you are uncomfortable with the cashing of checks or say if the host doesnt seem to be trustworthy.


Jan 31, 2005
My hosts appreciate it

I have the shows shipped to me as well. Alot of my hosts are super busy. I don't mind sorting it out at all really. It's not a hassle to me. I always print out the receipt and add thank you cards in each bag. I deliver all the orders to the host and all she has to do is pass them out. So far I have had no complaints, just compliments on my cards :) ! If my show is long distance, I ofcourse have the show shipped ot the host. I print out the receipts and send the thank you cards to the host the day I submit the show to PC. This way I know they will get there before the show.


Jul 13, 2005
I am so glad ot see this thread. I was thinking of offfering having ht eotdeas shows shipped to my house for hostess. I noticed my first hostess was very worried about being home when UPS came. Other benefit is making sure eveything for show has arrive and not having to bring hostess recepits before show arrives.

But I have 1 questionp, do ya'll wait to deliver show to host until after payment has cleared?



Senior Member
Gold Member
May 18, 2005
I generally don't wait

I have all the guests make out their checks to me, so I can cover if one bounces (it's happened 2x in the last 4 1/2 years). I wanted to add, too, that I like to have the shows delivered to my house because I throw in the upcoming host specials and a personal thank you note (on the receipt, not a separate card or anything fancy like that).



Apr 20, 2005
I also have shows shipped to my house. I think it provides excellent customer service to have everything bagged and ready for the host. I can also take care of adjustments immediately, if needed. I think that's a great idea to put the upcoming specials in the bag. I'll have to do that next time! Maybe a little reminder card of the host benefits, too!