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Ship direct to customer?


Novice Member
Apr 22, 2005
Does anyone know how much it is to ship direct to a customer?

If it's in a party, do they only have to pay the 3.25, or do they have to pay the direct ship rate?

(Sorry, all my paperwork is at home and I need to tell someone)


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Feb 20, 2005
Whether it's through a kitchen show, catelog show or is just a regular order if the customer wants it direct shipped it will be more than the $3.25. It depends on the price of the order and the info is on the back of the receipt. I'm from Canada so I can't help you with the actual numbers but if you give me the total of her order I can go and ask on a different board for you.



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May 24, 2005
If it is sent directly to the customer not the hostess then they will need to pay the dircet shipping charge.
Direct shipping charge as per my paper work:
0-9.99 $4.60
10-19.99 $6.00
20-29.99 $6.60
30-39.99 $7.50
40-49.99 $8.80
50-64.99 $10.10
65 and over $13.70