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Pampered Chef: She signed up!

  1. esavvymom

    esavvymom Legend Member Staff Member

    WAHOO!! She signed up! I have my first recruit!

    *hehe* Now what?! I was hoping to be ready for when it happened and have a nice packet to give to my first, but as usual, I'm behind the 8-ball again. And to make it even more interesting...you have to read HOW this lady signed- under what circumstances, and what I'm now contending with personally as a result! Very funny- talk about making lemonade!

    But I'm excited. :D
    Jun 27, 2009
  2. Jolie_Paradoxe

    Jolie_Paradoxe Senior Member Gold Member

    Whooo Hoooo!! Congrats!

    I would call her and tell her congrats. From your other post, she already has 5 bookings. Find a time to meet with her or on the phone, and have her start her list of 100. Also ask her to take the online courses while she waits for her kit to arrive.

    You may need to go to her 1st show, or have her attend one of yours....

    On CC, there's a doc on training new consultants which have a list of things to cover on your first phone call, etc.

    Congrats again! Wishing you lots more success, and a lot less injury! :D
  3. Grandmarita

    Grandmarita Advanced Member Gold Member

    What a memorable story. Congratulations.
    Jun 27, 2009
  4. TrishPCMommy

    TrishPCMommy Member Gold Member

    Congrats again on your recruit! (I've seriously hurt myself on the UM too trying to show its safety features... HINT: Talk, then watch yourself as you demonstrate... I need to work on it too!)
    Jun 27, 2009
  5. NooraK

    NooraK Legend Member Gold Member

    I don't have the food holder on when I demo the safety feature. I show where the little tabs are, that way I'm less likely to hurt myself.
    Jun 28, 2009
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