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Pampered Chef: Booths Shared booth at Fair

  1. pamperedmom2owen

    pamperedmom2owen Member

    Ok, I am setting up at the big fair in our county in September. I'm sharing with 5 other girls from my cluster. It's a 5 day affair. How should we handle the set-up and display? Should I just leave my stuff there? Take it with me everyday? Everyone bring their own display? I'm just not sure about how to handle this! :eek: Thanks for any advice!! :p
  2. pamperedbecky

    pamperedbecky Legacy Member

    My cluster and a couple others go in together on a booth at the county fair. I just had my second shift today. We divide it up into shifts and it works really well. One of the directors sets up at the beginning with the super starter kit, as well as the new products that are coming out in September. At the fairs we do, the security is really good, so we just leave everything out on the tables and cover it up with sheets and stuff. As far as I know, there's never been any problems.

    We all usually have some sort of flyer that we hand out. On one side is the part that one of the great directors puts together, then we all choose what we want to copy on the other side. We display laminated posters or pages of all the upcoming specials, as well as display a booking binder. I think the set up is great and those striped simple additions REALLY attracted a lot of attention, so I definitely recommend putting those at the front of your booth. We stand the whole time because we feel we're more approachable that way. We don't have a table we stand behind. We have a table at the back of the booth and a couple on the sides, so people can come "in" to browse. I hope that gives you a good picture of how we do it. It's a great time to do it because you can get people's names and addresses to send them the new catalog since it'll just be coming out. I would recommend doing that and giving away old catalogs at the fair because that way you get their contact info. Be sure to get phone numbers and email so you can follow up! :)
    Jul 31, 2005
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