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Setting Up Booth Tips


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Apr 14, 2004
Tips For Setting Up a Pampered Chef Booth

* Use the Pampered Chef paperwork box that comes with your kit for part of your display. The colorful pictures on the side can draw people into your booth - just to ask "What's in the box?" I had this sitting next to the SS crate of products layed out just like the SS photo on our catalog. Very eye-catching.
* Use the New Stoneware Gift Set box garnished with a colorful ribbons (taped to the top only~ to allow opening of the box) and a small sign "Look What's NEW" on top.
* Add plastic confetti to water in one of the quick stir pitchers -- very eye-catching and entertained the children while I talked with their parents. (idea gleaned from a previous posting ~Thanks!)
* Offer FREE Pampered Chef Catalogs - I used all the old catalogs in my office (SS '99 , FW '99 and SS '00); I would simply said "they are old, but still good!" ... most people wanted the recipes and ideas anyway. I also shared that more than 90% of our current product line is represented in the catalog and then handed them the current Kitchen to Kitchen newsletter highlighting our new products.
* Add boiling hot water to the carafe in the morning and serve yourelf some hot tea or coffee or hot choc in the evening when it gets colder. (We were NOT allowed to offer any food to the fair-goers). This worked great as I only served myself when someone was watching ! :) I am now VERY impressed with the carafe ! BTW - I offered the new cookie press as our prize ... I not only got more than 70 booking leads; a dozen recruiting leads; over $400 in orders (very small sign offering FREE s/h... we didn't really push for sales); and several definite cookie shows scheduled.