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Set up


Aug 16, 2005
How much decorating do you do for your bridal showers? I'm making the bride cake and I may do the Mixing Bowl tiered cake. Any other cheap/easy suggestions for decorating at least the demo table? Also, do you hand out the catalogs and order forms like you would for a regular show, or do you handle it differently? I have my first shower Sat. and realized that I may not be as prepared as I think I am! Thanks for your help!


Dec 14, 2005
I did the Stainless Mixing Bowl wedding cake, set up my products on the table and sprinkled white artificial rose petals around. I handed out folders catalogs and order forms (40).

Good luck!


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Nov 3, 2005
Here is an order form I used in January, just change the specials and your info it works perfectly.
I handed out my folders with catalogs, all I did differently is a short demo, and about 4 games. it was a lot of fun!


  • PC June Bridal Order Form Word.doc
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Jan 17, 2006
Have brides wish list available!!

Make sure you have all the products the bride put on her wish list somewhere where the guests can see them.
You could do index cards with pictures on a posterboard, or a list for guests to look at with prices and page number in the catalog, or you could do a special flip through binder for your guests to pass around.
I have done all of these. It helps!
I am a decorating junkie, and I love to put together folders, lists, pictures, etc...:p :p :p
Be sure to have games!! And try to keep the demo short, they are there to buy stuff so they don't really need any encouragment. Although they should be able to come up and touch, see, or even use the products themselves. That way they can purchase something for the bride and maybe for themselves too.
If your bride has a wish list be sure to have a list of what she wanted and mark it off the list or highlight it when people bring up their order forms with those products.
She won't want Three of something if she only asked for Two!!

White balloons are nice to decorate with and are cheap. Grab a few and let them float around the room. Maybe even a couple of pretty lace doilies and wedding favors to decorate your table.
I purchased cheap candy wrappers for mini hershey bars, that had my contact info and Bridal showers are fun!!
printed on them.
Good luck!!